Zogoflex toys are a hit at Paws on the Run Pet Services

Posted May 28, 2008

Paws on the Run Pet Services get Zogoflex toys

Meet some of the personalities from the doggy daycare, Paws on the Run Pet Services.

Paws on the Run Pet Services is a doggie daycare, grooming facility, and more! It is obvious that the furry clients at this facility only get the best treatment... and the best toys! West Paw Design's Zogoflex® toys have been an absolute dream come true!

Paws on the Run daycare located in Lethbridge, Alberta has dogs that love to chew, love to fetch, and love to play constantly! After having the toys for over 2 weeks, the owner of the daycare was very impressed to find not even one toy had been damaged!

Best of all - not only are the toys durable, but the furry clients love Zogoflex®! Whether it is fetch, keep away, tug-of-war, or just chewing - this daycare has all these personalities and more! So, let's meet a few of the fun fur-balls that you'll find at Paws on the Run Pet Services:

Meet Apple (9 month old Boxer), Maggie Mae (1 year old Lab), and Gus (also a 1 year old Lab). Gus and Maggie Mae have been the best of friends ever since they met at the daycare. Their favorite activity is playing tug and keep away with the toys. Apple was trying really hard to get in on the game, but the labs had decided it was only a 2 dog event!

Apple, Maggie Mae, and Gus

As you can see these dogs are giving our Zisc® a rigorous workout. Good thing our Zogoflex® has unmatched durability - backed by a 100% guarantee!

Apple, Maggie Mae, and Gus

Meet Vito (2 year old Border Colli/Gorgi mix). Despite all the action going around him, Vito only had eyes for his Hurley®. He played with it all by himself. He would throw it into the air and catch it, then give it a good chew over and over again.

Vito with Hurley

Meet Coulee (3 year old Border Collie/Golden Retriever mix). Coulee loves to fetch and will continue as long as you are willing!

Coulee in mid-fetch

Meet Charlee (1 year old Yellow Lab). Charlee is a fetching machine. The only way to get her to stop asking for you to throw something is to hide all the toys! At home, she sneaks into the bathroom whenever they are filling the bathtub and plays with her Huck in the water. She must have known it would float!

Charlee with Huck

Charlee with Hurley

Charlee teasing Oreo (6 month old Cattle Dog/German Short Haired Pointer mix), who always wants what someone else has. Oreo rarely makes it to the toy first so he is always trying to steal it from someone else.


Charlee and Oreo

Charlee and Oreo

Meet Tucker (1 year old Cattle Dog). Tucker quietly sits by your side until you notice the toy he has brought you. He’ll always let the other dogs get it if they want it but he is always up for the chase. When he is alone (i.e. no other fetchers are at the daycare), he is non stop!

Tucker with Hurley

Meet Chester (1 year old Black Lab) and Neena (1 year old Border Collie). Neena usually gets what she wants but in this case Chester actually won the game of tug with the Hurley®!

Tucker with Hurley


At West Paw Design we are all smiles to hear that we have passed the Paws on the Run Doggie Daycare chew, fetch, tug, and play test! Our Zogoflex® products are championed by pets and their owners all over the world because our toys are designed with safety in mind and because we are committed to manufacturing our products with an environmental conscience. Making great pet products that are Earth Friendly makes happy dogs,and that makes happy humans too!

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