George Woodrow Kipu Culbertson is one handsome Basset Hound...and yes, he’s a model too!

Posted April 06, 2009

George loves his super comfortable, new dog bed! Thank goodness it is a big bed, because it looks like George isn't the only one who likes the new bed...


George removes his own tags
George is a pure bred 1 1/4 year old Basset hound from our own local town of Bozeman, Montana! After getting a Tuckered Out® bed, he immediately made himself comfortable and offered to take the tag off himself! The new bed makes all of his strategic bird chasing worth it to come inside to a nice warm and cozy snooze! According to George, the key to successful bird chasing is to be very very quiet!

Little Did George know that he would have to share his new bed with his little brother Freddie!

George shares his dog bed with his little brother
What a great big brother!!

“What most impresses me, is the quality of the product. It has now (having a 4 month old puppy) been through numerous (too numerous to count actually!!) washings, and it still looks brand new! The construction of the bed is awesome also. Easy to assemble once it's been washed, even though I had to read the directions the first time I did it. It's a great concept in dog beds! Love it!!!!!”- direct quote from George and Freddie’s human Mom, Melinda

George also has several of the West Paw Design dog toys that the boys get to fight over! They love to play tug of war with the Big S-s-stretch and are anxiously awaiting for spring to arrive to test out their new Zogoflex Zisc® that they got for Christmas! Santa also brought Freddie a Reindeer from the Holiday line that he just loves to make the squeaking sound and let everybody know he’s coming! Maybe Freddie has a few things to learn from his big brother!

George and his little brother Freddie


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