Dog Bed Bliss: West Paw Design’s Best Selling Pillow Bumper Bed!

Posted June 05, 2009

There is no other pillow dog bed in the world like the West Paw Design Bumper Bed®! Sure, there are a lot of comfy, creative pillow dog beds on the market, but our Bumper Beds deliver more quality, resulting in more rested and happy dogs. Our customers rave daily about how impressed they are with the durability, design and unbelievable comfort of our signature Bumper Beds!


Just ask Kristine Thompson of Coral Gables, FL. She writes:

"Your bumper bed has changed the Thompson family's life. Henry, our three-year-old mutt and the light of our life, was killing us as he was totally unwilling to go one night without sleeping with us in our bed. And at 40 pounds, our vertically sleeping baby was killing our sleep and us! 

Each night he kind of hung his head down when his dad told him to get in his bed. He did and within an hour was snuggling up in ours. We gave your Bumper Bed a shot after combing the Internet for the right bed, a bed that might be more inviting than ours, and we found it!
The boy is in bed bliss!


Thanks soooo much! You have an amazing product here! And I've done the research!"

-- Kristine Thompson



Here's why Henry, and thousands of other dogs like him, are in bed bliss:


Every West Paw Design Bumper Bed is handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality twill fabric, chosen for its durability and softness. The bumper and inside pillow are stuffed with a firm, yet undeniably comfy and puffy denier 100% recycled IntelliLoft® fiber fill and features a zippered opening for easy maintenance. Both the fabric shell and inner pillow are machine washable.

With a variety of sizes – from XS (18"x16") to XL (44"x37") – our pillow bumper beds welcome any breed dog – from tiny to big; midsize to giant!

West Paw Design's line of pillow dog beds range from the ZooRest dog bed which is chic and sophisticated to the Big Sky Bed dog bed. Rugged and contemporary - making it even easier for you to choose the right pet bed for your dog. Every West Paw Design pillow bed, will hold up to years of pawing, pacing and plopping - and will be the best investment for your dog's sleep life – not to mention yours!


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