Catnip Pouch


For cats that play rough and don’t like all those frilly toys, our catnip pouch is a pet owner’s best friend. With a durable twill exterior fabric to house our 100% USDA certified organic catnip, cats can gnaw, pounce, chew, and claw without the fear of this pouch bursting at the seams.

Crave-worthy catnip.

Our fresh, USDA-certified catnip is grown in the United States, free from synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. 100% pure—no fillers.

Proudly Made in the USA

All of our cat toys are made in the USA, right in Montana.  We're proud to make fun cat toys that are safely handcrafted with the top quality materials.

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Customer Reviews

My cat is addicted to your catnip pouch

December 02, 2013

We have bought your catnip pouches for our cats before, and they all like them, so while we were choosing some Christmas gifts for our two Scottish terriers, we decided to get some more catnip pouches for our three cats.

The day the package was delivered, I noticed that our 16-year old male cat, Butch Cassidy, was prowling around and sniffing so without even opening the package I tucked it on the back of a shelf in the pantry, where it would be safe from sneaky catnip addicts. The next morning, when i walked into the kitchen, my son & I noticed that Butch Cassidy had somehow managed to leap onto the shelf during the night. He clearly had tried to open the package, but you folks pack things well, so he ended up sleeping on the shelf, cuddling the whole package like it was his favorite teddy bear.

Who knew he could jump that high at his age? That cat was motivated! Naturally, we gave him one of the pouches, which he keeps on his couch in the living room. (Good thing I had bought an extra one, just in case!)
You folks make great pet toys. Can't wait to see how the dogs like their Christmas gifts!

- sandra getgood -
United States

Love them

October 30, 2013

My 6 cats love them. There was even growling on the first time I put them down. Now they have settle into playing when they feel like it. I'll buy more.

- Rae -

Our Cats just love this little red pouch

December 28, 2012

We have been purchasing these little red catnip filled pouches for years. They are of high quality and above all our cats just love to lick and play with them. And yes, they do wear out after the catnip is gone. That is why we reorder them again from West Paws on a yearly basis.

- Ingrid -
Orchard Park NY

"Montana Pillows" Are Fantastic!!!

December 12, 2012

Westpaw Design's catnip pouches, which we've called "Montana Pillows" (since they look like pillows with the state name on them, have been a tremendous hit with our cats Cali and Zona for years. We used to be able to buy them at the local Pet Supplies Plus store, but they suddenly stopped carrying the item several years ago. When asked about the pouches, the store manager couldn't tell us where they got them. Luckily, I happened to find, by sheer luck, the empty bag that one of the pouches had come in. The Westpaw Design name and WEB site were listed on it and luckily the pouches were still available. We just bought 5 of them as Christmas present for the felines in the family (our 2, older daughter's one, and younger daughter's 2 or 3). There will be a bunch of happy kitties this Christmas!

- Jim Bjaloncik -
Stow, Ohio USA

Catnip Pouch

March 28, 2007

I have bought this pouch for years. Of all the various brands, the catnip scent lasts the longest. Also, the material does not tear when the cats play with it, as happens with most of the other makers'.