Kitty Lure



Tickle your cat’s fancy with our wispy Kitty Lure! Made from marabou feathers, Kitty Lure will wiggle into your frisky felines heart with its irresistible characteristics!

Measures 8”. Made in Montana.

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Customer Reviews

Kitty Lure

January 02, 2013

Very disappointed with the Kitty Lure. It is not up to the quality of the dog toys

Recent purchase was for Christmas gifts. The Kitty Lure sheds and I didn't give it. I think the feathers could be a choking hazard to the cat as well as the small dogs in the household.

Love that I found toys made in the USA and have ordered dogs toys in the past. I emailed ABC Nightly News website requesting them to add West Paw to their lists of "made in the USA" companies.

-Kathy Schaffer

- Kathy Schaffer -

Kitty Lure

December 28, 2011

This toy was a big hit with all 3 cats and 2 of them are almost 12 years old. One cat was actually doing high jumps after throwing it in the air...would definitely recommend it.

- anonymous -
Cape Cod