Reknitz sweaters


Made with 76% reclaimed cotton, these cozy, earth-friendly dog sweaters provide stylish warmth for your dog. Reknitz® dog sweaters are made in the USA. Easily accomodates harnesses and leashes.

Reknitz® are no longer avalible.

Puppy to Papa Dog

With 7 sweater sizes to choose from, you'll find the perfect sweater for your chilly dog!

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Customer Reviews

Chilly Corgi Loves His Sweater!

November 19, 2010

I've never had a dog who needed to wear a sweater, so I had never consider getting one until this year. Over the summer, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Daxter, had such awful allergies, he had to be shaved in order to apply topical medication to his skin. Several months later, his skin has cleared up, but his hair remains fairly short, with little, to no, undercoat. For the first time ever, my boy couldn't handle the cold and would shiver even just laying on a cool concrete floor. So I decided to give the ReKnitz a try....what a worthwhile purchase!!! My boy LOVES his sweater! He struts around thinking he's the coolest guy around. Thanks for making a great product that can withstand the cold Colorado climate, and make a cool Corgi even cooler (so to speak).

Need tiny dog size

September 30, 2010

We have been wanting to get one of these since they came out. But the smallest size is for a 13-14 inch back.
My two Chihuahuas have a 10 inch length back.
I've seen them in the stores - they look really nice.
Would you please consider making them for tiny dogs? They actually 'need' to wear sweaters to stay warm.
Thank you

Not the warmest out there...

December 06, 2009

adorable (gets lots of compliments when my greyhound-pit is strutting down the street in it!)
seems comfy for the pooch
good color options
big dog sizes!

less substantial than I expected - won't stand up to deep winter here in MN
It'd be nice if the sizing was updated to include neck/girth measurements to help with ordering the best fit - I wish we'd sized down a notch or two for a snugger fit as ordering by length got me a sweater that isn't snug at the neck and is baggy around the girth for my guy.

overall, a little pricey, but a good product.

- Anonymous -
Minnneapolis, MN

Love these sweaters!

November 10, 2009

I couldn't be happier with this sweater. The fit is fantastic and the fabric is so soft. Our Shih Tzus are now snug as a bug during winter outings. I'm thrilled that these are made in the USA. The only thing I could ask for would be more color options, such as black, cream, or even plum. Thank you West Paw!

- Terika -
Shih Tzu Heaven, Kansas


October 02, 2008

I just bought these this past weekend for my two Wire Fox Terriers. I admit the price was a bit high but the fact that they are made in the USA and it's reclaimed cotton was a huge draw for me. But once I saw that design I was SOLD! The fact that the underbelly is cut short so that the dogs don't get it wet when doing their business was such a huge sell for me. Plus I love the fact that on top it's long enough to go to the tail. Perfect combination. Hopefully you'll start making them for big dogs. I can bet they'll want some soon. Thanks for such an awesome product!

- Jen K. -
Wappingers Falls