Bumper Bed with Organic Cotton


Measures 23" x 20"
for pets 20 lbs and under


Measures 31" x 26"
for pets 21 lbs to 40 lbs


Measures 36" x 28"
for dogs 41 lbs to 60 lbs

Extra Large$99.50$199.00

Measures 42" x 34"
for dogs 61 lbs to 80 lbs

Extra Large
XX Large$114.50$229.00

Measures 48" x 39"
for dogs 81 lbs and over

XX Large

Bumper dog beds are filled with thick denier 100% recycled IntelliLoft® polyfill made from recycled plastic bottles. Cushions that will not bunch or flatten from extreme use. Organic cotton cover. Zippered opening and machine washable cover for easy maintenance. Made in USA.

Big or Small - Sleep Well!

Bumper Beds come in five sizes, so no matter how big or small your dog is, we have a size just for them.

Rub, Roll, and Snuggle Safely

You and your pet can rest easy knowing that this pet product was Certified Safe by Oeko-Tex, the same third-party certifier that deems baby carriers and children's clothes ecologically safe.

Organic cotton—it’s softer on the environment.

What’s the difference? Organic cotton is grown without harsh pesticides or chemical fertilizers, so it’s much gentler on both air and soil.

Turning trash into dreams.

Our dog beds get their resilient, long-lasting loft from an unexpected source—plastic bottles recycled into our exclusive IntelliLoft® stuffing. 

Guaranteed Great!

Our dog beds are so comfy your pooch will be happily sleeping through everything (so much for thinking you had a guard dog). If you (or your dog) aren't totally satisfied, we’ll make it right - Guaranteed.

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Each dog bed is sewn by hand, with care and craftsmanship, at our headquarters in Bozeman, Montana.

Wash, dry, snooze, repeat.

Our dog beds may feature luxurious, silky-soft fabrics (like Organic Cotton and Hemp) but they don’t need special care—they’re all easily refreshed with a single wash and dry. 

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Customer Reviews

Organic Bumper Bed

November 24, 2013

Risa jumped right into the bed the minute it came home and slept soundly all night. I love that you can wash both pieces and that there's not a lot of chemically stuff in my home as part of the bed. I customized the colors and love how it looks!

- Anonymous -

bumper bed organic cotton

November 23, 2013

My dogs love these beds; so I love the beds. However, the color I ordered did not seem to be the color I received. Perhaps, the colors on your web site are not exactly true. Whatever is the case.... I thought I was ordering a blue/green (aqua) but the bed is kaki. No big problem for me and the dogs don't care.
Thanks for your great products!

- suzyque -


September 08, 2013

Very Pleased with the quality and service!!

- Anonymous -
Plainfield, Indiana

Lou loves it

September 04, 2013

We were looking for a non-toxic dog bed that was made in the USA and the organic cotton bumper bed fit the bill. We purchased a medium for our 23 lb French bulldog/Boston mix, Lou, and he just loves his new bed.

He likes to use the bumper as a pillow/chin rest and fits perfectly in the medium size. It looked a little small when we first unpacked it, but it actually fits him perfectly. Great job!

- Chrissy -

Order size up

August 24, 2013

The bed is very well made and the color is natural/neutral.
I purchased the bed based on pounds (which were listed) for our dog. In hind sight, I should have ordered the next size up.
The bed is extremely small for our dog, but he squeezes himself into the middle part. I did not want to send it back based on the expensive shipping rates--and the next size up would have been much more expensive in addition to the additional shipping.

I think that the beds should be listed/sized (charted) according to breeds.

- Anonymous -
US and Europe

My dogs love thier bumper bed

August 07, 2013

I bought a bumper bed for my first dog based on the recommendation of Karma Dog Training in Austin, TX. My dog loves it.

When I got my second puppy, he also loved it--so much that he wouldn't let the other dog sleep on it. I ended up getting a second one and both of them love taking their afternoon naps and sleeping in them at night.

I love them because I can take the cover off and easily wash the beds. These beds are a lifesaver!

- Myndi -
Austin, TX

Once Again Sizing Info Is a Challenge

June 03, 2013

This is a 1 Star rating because this is the second time I think I've gotten the size correct when ordering a bed and then had to return it at my expense. In spite of multiple measures to make certain I'm ordering the correct size.So I'm paying abut $28 in shipping alone on this particular purchase. A warning to others: don't assume because you purchase a medium Tuckered Out Bed that you should order a medium sized Bumper Bed. Otis fits into a small corner of the BB. If he were female he could whelp puppies in it. So it has to go back. I wish West paw would indicate what dog breeds fit what beds to give a better visual. I really like buying US made and I like the West Paw product line, which I would normally give a 5 Star rating, but this bed buying is a discouragingly pricy system for me.

- Anonymous -
Minneapolis, MN

Swedish Vallhund Pippi LOVES her bed!

March 06, 2013

Wonderful bed, comfy and full of personality. The best customer service ever!!! Now our two Cardigan corgi's are begging for new beds from West Paw too.

- Crowmire Farm -
Woolwich Maine

Well constructed, extremely comfortable (or so the kittens said)

January 26, 2013

We are very impressed by this product. The kittens will be large cats and should still have plenty of room.

- Suzanne -
South Australia

Bumper Bed is Too Popular

January 25, 2013

I bought a large Organic Bumper Bed for my Golden/Chow mix adoptee. After having a huge tumor removed from his side, he's doing very well on chemo and loves his new nest. The only problem is that my other dogs (two Chihuahuas) and cats think it's pretty great, too. Since Flanagan is too polite to chase them out of his bed, I have to remove them for him. I think the bed should come with paw-print recognition feature that would only allow the authorized user into the bed. (Oh well...)

- Anonymous -