Heyday Bed® with Microsuede®


Measures 28" x 19"
for pets 19 lbs and under


Measures 32" x 22"
for dogs 20 lbs to 39 lbs


Measures 40" x 27"
for dogs 40 lbs to 59 lbs

Extra Large

Measures 46" x 32"
for dogs 60 lbs and over

Extra Large

Heyday Bed® with Microsuede® has been tested and certified for safety by Oeko-Tex, a 3rd party ecological certifier that rigorously tests every part of this durable and versatile dog bed for over 100 potentially harmful substances.

Super Stain Resistant - We put it to the test!

Heyday dog beds were made to resist all those messes your dog creates! Of course, in our testing, it wasn't always the dog that created the mess.  With a quick wipe or toss in the wash, this dog bed is as good as new again!

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Each dog bed is sewn by hand, with care and craftsmanship, at our headquarters in Bozeman, Montana.

Wash, dry, snooze, repeat.

Our dog beds may feature luxurious, silky-soft fabrics (like Organic Cotton and Hemp) but they don’t need special care—they’re all easily refreshed with a single wash and dry. 

Rub, Roll, and Snuggle Safely

You and your pet can rest easy knowing that this pet product was Certified Safe by Oeko-Tex, the same third-party certifier that deems baby carriers and children's clothes ecologically safe.

Guaranteed Great!

Our dog beds are so comfy your pooch will be happily sleeping through everything (so much for thinking you had a guard dog).  If you (or your dog) aren't totally satisfied, we’ll make it right - Guaranteed!

Turning trash into dreams.

Our dog beds get their resilient, long-lasting loft from an unexpected source—plastic bottles recycled into our exclusive IntelliLoft® stuffing. 

Perfectly comfy, perfectly versatile

Our convenient, versatile dog mats are loved by dogs and humans, but don't take our word for it, see what our customers say in this video.

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Customer Reviews

Heyday Bed® with Microsuede®


February 23, 2015

WOW! What an incredible bed!! My husband and I are extremely impressed with the workmanship, materials and look the of the bed! Our 9 1/2 old Golden Retriever has joint issues and elbow sores, so trying to get him to lay on something besides the hardwood floors is difficult. His other bed didn't have much support and wasn't easy to clean. He took to this bed immediately! We keep his bed in our bedroom, but have taken it to the living room every once in a while when everyone is watching TV now he's come to except that we drag is bed back & forth! We also purchased the Grizzly Bear which was love at first sight! THANKS for such Wonderfully made products MADE IN THE USA!!! We'll be ordering again soon!

- Catherine A White -
Janesville, WI

An Excellent Product!


July 01, 2014

We ordered this bed for our German Shepherd after finding your company on line and reading the reviews. It blows every other pet bed we have had in the past out of the water! The fabric is very attractive and the bed isn't too bulky, which is a problem we've had with beds ordered from others. Our cats love the bed too! I love the fact that it uses recycled products.
Your company is a pleasure to deal with. Shipping was prompt and your customer service is wonderful.
I will be ordering more products from you! Thank you!

- Barb Hendren -
Apple River, IL

Great Product


October 20, 2013

Very pleased with this high quality product from a local business. I'm sure our new Layla lab pup will just love it. Have been to Bozeman several times as our son Ryan graduated from MSU and spent quite some time living there. Purchasing from you felt good with our connection there. We initially bought one of your awesome dog toys here in Mich and were also impressed with the high quality of the product which made us go to your web site and find the dog bed. Keep up the good work.

- Anonymous -
Cadillac, MI

Heydey Bed


September 30, 2013

I absolutely love this bed and so do my dog and cat. The material is so soft and smooth and it is very, very easy to wipe clean as well as to deconstruct and wash and put back together.

- Carrie -



September 19, 2013

I bought this bed because My Giggy has hip issues and I thought it be good for her. I think she likes it, she wil go on it and lay down without and coaxing..I also like the fact that it is made in America... Thanks for the product...

- Marilyn -
Fl Keys

Comfy and love it


September 08, 2013

Duchess and Chloe both love the bed.
Durable and comfy.
Will probably order another as the pups grow.
As of now seems to be worth the extra money and its not made in CHINA.
Would give 5 stars but have not had it long enough yet.

- duchess -

Heyday Bed


June 21, 2013

Samson my two year old red nose pitbull (80-100 Lbs), loves the bed...paws down!!! I chose to purchase the XL bed just to make sure he had enough space, which he does. He sometimes chooses to sleep in the heyday bed vs. my bed, that's how much he likes it. The microfiber is very soft and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, I still haven't washed it in the washer so I can't comment on actual washing. All in all very happy with the purchase, no regrets. Quality product made in the U.S.A by qualified Americans, who can ask for more! Will definitely purchase other products without hesitation.

- Anabreal -
Bridgeport. CT

Our beagle loves the Heyday Bed for dogs


May 21, 2013

We purchased the Heyday Bed for Dogs. Our beagle took to sleeping in it right away. A big reason why we bought from this company is that these beds are made in the USA and the beds are made in a environmental sustainable process. Thanks a lot!

- Steve Steuber -
Burnsville, MN

Perfect for my senior Lab


May 15, 2013

I have a 12.5 year old senior Lab gal that I adopted a year ago. She's a bit arthritic and likes to lay out..I believe she was kept too long, too young in a crate. :( Anyway, I purchased the HeyDay bed for her in Sage and it's a great bed for her to lay down in. She needed the XL (weighs 65lbs) and takes advantage of all the space. Her head rests perfectly on the bumper edging and it's not so soft that she can't get up with her weak back end. Very satisfied with this purchase and hope she's going to be lovin' it up for as long as she's here with us.

- Kim G. -
Marengo, IL