Tuckered Out Bed

Gravel/Blue Spruce

Measures 24" x 19"
for pets 15 lbs and under


Measures 34" x 22"
for dogs 16 lbs to 35 lbs


Measures 42" x 29"
for dogs 36 lbs to 60 lbs

Extra Large$84.50$169.00

Measures 50" x 32"
for dogs 61 lbs and over

Extra Large

Tuckered Out® Dog Beds feature a two-pillow design for an easier entry for puppies and sore, stiff mature dogs to climb in and out of with a rounded rear bolster for support. Entire bed is washer and dryer-friendly for an easy clean.

Young, Old, Big, and Small

The Tuckered Out dog bed is available in four sizes for easy entry of young and old dogs of every size.

Turning trash into dreams.

Our dog beds get their resilient, long-lasting loft from an unexpected source—plastic bottles recycled into our exclusive IntelliLoft® stuffing. 

Wash, dry, snooze, repeat.

Our dog beds may feature luxurious, silky-soft fabrics (like Organic Cotton and Hemp) but they don’t need special care—they’re all easily refreshed with a single wash and dry. 

Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Each dog bed is sewn by hand, with care and craftsmanship, at our headquarters in Bozeman, Montana.

Guaranteed Great!

Our dog beds are so comfy your pooch will be happily sleeping through everything (so much for thinking you had a guard dog). If you (or your dog) aren't totally satisfied, we’ll make it right - Guaranteed.

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Customer Reviews

tuckered out bed

November 11, 2015

As I type the cat is in the mangled old tuckered out bed, the scrapy 8 lb bichon is on my lap and the 50 lb old English sheepdog/border mix is on my bed! But that is how they roll. The dogs and cat all fit (Large) on the new bed and they do love it when they are curled up. The old tuckered out bed, a medium, did not hold it's form since the bigger dog uses it as his humpy pillow. He loves it so much he literally drags it out of the house into the truck when we go for a drive. I have to re-set the stuffing for him to curl up in the morning and the bichon and cat curl up in it all the time too.

- suzy -

Great !

January 14, 2015

We just bought the dog bed with hemp. It's excellent. Our Basset Hound doesn't want to get off it!! The bed is very spacious for a large dog, the border serves as a pillow and its environmentally friendly. Thanks.

- heliosmaria -

Miss the old Tuckered Out

December 19, 2014

This new Tuckered Out is a SOFA. It is well made, but is a completely different style. West Paw could have invented this new sofa bed, while keeping the former Tuckered Out. Our dogs won't use the new one.........a complete waste of money. Older dogs don't want to step up so high to get in and out of bed. It is too high and too hard. The old Tuckered Out was THE BEST bed on the planet, according to our dogs. It went everywhere: car, picnic, vet, park, friend's houses, vet, shopping, and of course every room of the house. It was light, bendable and handy. It seems like every time we find a perfect product, the company stops making it. Frustrating.

- Nicolas Grignon -


September 09, 2014

My dogs love this bed! I love how filled the inside is as they no longer touch the floor when on it. The sizing was off by 4 inches for mine but I am guessing that it will expand as it is used? I bought the large even though my largest dog is only 30 pounds and the smallest is 6. It fits two of them at a time sprawled out. They even have to fight the cats for it! I am definitely ordering another for christmas! I love the material, as it is soft yet very substantial and I know this will hold up well. Over the past week I have had it, it has flattened out some (not in a bad way) to where it is more evenly plush and not super high in the middle. I think if you want something less thick you should simply stick with a floor pad and not a bumper bed. My dogs absolutely hate hitting the floor when they sleep and every other bed I have owned (even at $75+) have always ended up flattening out so much that they hit the floor and no longer want to use it. This bed is perfect and I am a very happy customer!! Worth every penny! I could see how if you bought a smaller bed for a smaller dog it might be too thick in the middle but with the large size it doesn't seem to be as big of a problem.

- Jen -
Rhode Island

Go back to former style of Tuckered Out Bed

August 11, 2014

I just received the new style of Tuckered Out Bed in the mail. I wish I would have read the reviews on this site first as I would not have bothered to purchase it. No way my dog will sleep in it, and she is a larger dog. It is too thick. I agree with other reviewers that the former bed style was way better. Sending my new bed back tomorrow to where I purchased it.

- Darby -

My dog prefers old version!

June 11, 2014

My 5 lb. dog has got to be West Paw's biggest fan . She has now six of the Tuckered Out beds. The oldest one, over 8 yrs old, is still useable although the threads are bare, and the cushion insert has been replaced. These beds are durable! Anyway, we just bought the new version. Neither of my dogs likes it. It is higher and much more dense (firm) than the older version, which was soft, plush and conformed to their shape. I guess the owners of bigger dogs won this battle, since some had complained of flattening inner cushions. One idea could have been to keep the old insert for the size small bed, since the lighter dogs don't flatten out the cushion as fast. Another idea would have been to offer two densities of inserts, like they do in mattresses: plush and firm. We can no longer buy the old cover :-( so I can't replace the old ones I have with new covers. This was my dog's favorite bed of all time! And my ounger dog likes it almost as much. We are very sad over here. My older dog is going to turn ten next month and I would have liked to be able to provide her with her favorite, warm, plush bed into her senior years. Pleeeeease bring back old one back.

- Anonymous -

Please don't ever stop making this bed

May 23, 2014

My dogs are now on their fourth Tuckered Out bed, and this is the first one they've had since you redesigned it. I waited a few months before posting my review to see how it held up and how they liked it, and this is definitely a winner. I was skeptical at first and admittedly disassembling and reassembling for washing is a little more work, but this bed holds its shape and loft much better than the original. And even though the "entrance" is a little bit higher off the ground, my dachshund who's had two spinal surgeries has no problem with it. It's the easiest bed in the world for him to get into but then he loves to roll around on his back and scratch his head up against the bumpers. And I'm also glad that I can buy a quality product like this that's made in the USA. The craftsmanship shows and I trust your materials in those moments when a little bit of chewing occurs. Thanks for making such a great product.

- konafire -

Liked the old style better

January 05, 2014

We have TWO of the older style Tuckered Out beds and both our young 2-year old and our older 10-year old dogs LOVE the older style. Our old girl particularly enjoys the older Tuckered Out - she can lay flat but is also nestled by the bumper component of the bed while her legs are supported by the bed portion. HOWEVER, we just got another, newer version of the Tuckered Out for another room and the dogs don't like the new version very much at all. The "bed" portion is too lofty in the front which pitches the entire bed backward. When the dogs do lie on it, they position themselves backward on the bed, with their legs curled up against the bumper and their back to the front of the bed - opposite of how they lie in the older version. Perhaps the filling will flatten down eventually, but the dogs don't choose to lie in this bed first. I vote to bring back the old style.

Sheltie Approved Tuckered Out Bed

December 29, 2013

Speaking on behalf of Chappy, my 13-year old Sheltie--he loves, loves, loves it!

Tuckered Out dog bed

December 03, 2013

We've only had the bed a couple of weeks, but so far, so good! Our middle-aged, blind dachshund loves it. Since he only has about 2 inches clearance from the ground to his chest and "boy part" the low entrance is perfect for him. He loves cuddling up next to the cushioned back, too.

- Anonymous -