Center Pillow Insert for Tuckered Out® Bed


Measures 18” x 22”


Measures 20” x 31”


Measures 39” x 28”

Extra Large$17.50$35.00

Measures 46” x 30”

Extra Large

This replacement pillow insert for the Tuckered Out® bed is filled with 100% recycled IntelliLoft® fibers (previously plastic bottles) and has a thin liner fabric cover.  

Made in the USA and available in 4 sizes.

Note: the thin fabric case on this pillow insert is not a suitable cover by itself. It is designed to go inside the Tuckered Out cover. Read our Bed Parts Help to find the right bed parts for your pet's bed.

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Customer Reviews

It's THE spot!

March 10, 2015

Replaced the Tuckered Out insert after 18 months of Lab lovin'. I have an XL Tuckered Out, which is big enough to fit my two Labs (60 lbs and 84 lbs). They snuggle both against each other and the bumper, and they're truly in the lap of luxury. We have the red/brown fleece bed and it actually looks like a fashion statement in front of the gas stove. Life is good for my girls!

- KM -
Huson, Montana

Great bed/cover

July 08, 2013

My dogs really like the tuckered out bed. We had our original one for over 5 years until replacing the insert. Our original cover is in great condition. I have 3 shih tzu's and at least 2 of them at a time are laying together in it.

I would like to see other color choices and different fabrics. A bit boring same thing and ones they have are not so stylish. Would like to see one in same fabric as faux fur like the blanket my dogs love which is tiger Dreamz. That would be a great fabric choice.

Overall love the product!

- Rochen,Dana -
Los Angeles,CA

Tuckered out bed - insert

February 06, 2013

I bought my retired racing greyhound the XL Tuckered Out Bed about 3 years ago. The cover is still in great shape and handles being regularly washed. The insert however in this time had lost it's loft and no matter how clean the cover it really smelled terrible.
The bed matches my decor perfectly and the size is just right for her extra long body, otherwise I may have balked at the price for the insert.
Once fitted with the new insert, I know it was worth the $$.

- Kristi -
North Carolina


February 02, 2013

I love that you offer just the inserts. The outside of our bed is great -- just gets a little flattened over the years. Putting in the new insert makes it like new. My dogs love it.

- Anonymous -
Naperville, IL

Tuckered Out Bed - pillow insert

October 16, 2012

Love the Tuckered Out bed - and love it more now that we got the new insert. It fit perfectly and arrived in a very short time. My dog smush says thank you!

- Holly -
Dallas TX

Tuckered Out Insert Pillow

July 30, 2012

We have four Pekingese dogs and they love their Tuckered Out Bed. However, after years of sleeping on it, the insert was flattened out. The outside of the bed is in great condition. So, I ordered an insert. Fits great, easy to put in, and they are now burrowed in again. Thanks for having this option for breathing new life into a great bed.

- Mindy Watson -
Naperville, IL

Great Little Bed

March 20, 2012

My Australian Terrier loves his little tuckered out bed. It sits right by the kitchen where he can lay and check it out. Cover is nice and soft and insert is pretty well made and lasts awhile. I bought this to replace original (which I had for 3 years). Held up well and I feel a good price. He's good to go for a few more years!

- Dona -

tuckered out bed

February 08, 2012

Great design! Perfect for my puppy to get in and out of. Everything I expected from this company. Quality product and made in the U.S.A.!!

- Anonymous -