Dog Toys

Durable dog toys for any condition

Zogoflex® Dog Toys

Built for dogs who play hard, our durable Zogoflex® dog toys bounce, float, go in the dishwasher—and recycle back into new Zogoflex®.

Zogolflex Air™ Dog Toys

Designed for dogs that have an intense play drive and love to be active on land, in the water, chasing, and fetching. The durable and subtle squish makes these dog toys great for dogs of all ages.

Furry Plush Dog Toys

With wild, silky fur and delightful squeakers, these toys give dogs something to toss, shake, fetch and cuddle.                                      

Big Sky Dog Toys

Tough yet tender toys for dogs. These fun-shaped Big Sky dog toys are made of the same smooth faux suede and soft fleece fabric as our Big Sky Blankets.

Classic Berber Dog Toys

Squirrels, trout, and moose pay tribute to West Paw’s Montana roots (and let every dog feel like a Montana dog).

Unstuffed Dog Toys

All the fun, without the stuffing explosion that you'll have to clean up later!  Dogs will love these stuffing-free floppy dog toys.

Hemp Dog Toys

Hemp is sustainably grown, naturally odor-resistant, and durable—which makes it the ideal fabric to make dog toys from.

Classic Corduroy Dog Toys

Tried-and-true, longstanding West Paw favorites: simple, charming corduroy dog toys.

For Champion Chewers

Tux® is a durable, stuffable and safe dog toy made from our proprietary Zogoflex® material for dogs that love to chew.

For Dog Park Play Dates

Zogoflex® dog toys are great for hard players: think Zisc® that flings farther, Bumi® that withstands tug-o-war, and the dynamic Tizzi®.

Dogs’ Best Friends

Fabric toys, drool-enduring hemp toys, and dog toys that dispense treats provide hours of entertainment for your four-legged friends.

For Mighty Mini Dogs

It’s a big world out there, but small dogs are ready to explore it, armed with mini-size versions of Zogoflex®, hemp, and fabric dog toys.