Extra Large
Moss Chevron
Rust Chevron
Blue Spruce Chevron
Extra Small$2.75$5.50

Tiny Bone
5" wide

Extra Small

Mini Bone
7.25" wide


9.25" wide

Extra Large$17.95$17.95

Jumbo Bone
13.25" wide

Extra Large

Berber has gone to the dogs in a soft and durable fabric dog toy for all day toss and fetch indoors or out. This classic favorite comes in a range of delightful colors so that you can stock up and change out with the season.

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Customer Reviews

Finally, perfect toy

December 14, 2015

I have a lab that usually puts holes in his toys within a couple days requiring me to sew them back up regularly. Not with these Sherpa toys. Still in perfect condition after 3 weeks, squeaker is going strong, and I love that they're washable. And he really loves these toys. I have a small bone, large bone, moose, and bear. He loves them all. I also have the scotty. He likes it but it's not his favorite.



June 04, 2015

The quality and durability are great. I can't understand the negative reviews. If your dog is an aggressive chewer and destroyer of plush toys don't give them. Don't blame a great product/company for your dogs behavior and notably, your lack of supervision. My Labs (3) have most of their original toys by West Paw! Some with a few holes!

- cristystiller -

Good choice

January 19, 2015

Purchased the chew toys (bone and moose) for a golden doodle puppy. Both are terrific! The puppy is very happy to chew them, carry them around in his mouth, and he likes the squeaker. They are made well, wash in the washing machine (I do use a mesh bag and air dry). Will buy other toys here. I also am very pleased to find U.S. made products. Thank you.

- Emilie -
North Carolina

Dogs love, but seam easily spit

December 23, 2014

It took my puppy 3 days to split the seam and pop the squeaker out. The thread tore. Easy enough to repair, but more durable thread might help these last longer for people who don't so. I patched with a thread more like fishing line.

- KG -


August 28, 2014

My lab/shepherd mix loves the bones. She isn't interested in the squeaker, she just wants something to walk around with in her mouth. I ordered several toys from West Paw last Christmas, our dogs (the lab/shepherd and standard poodle) love them and they are still like new. They do get dragged around, inside and out, into the woods, etc., they have been put in the washer and dryer and still look like new. I'm very pleased with the bones and all the toys I have bought from West Paw but the best thing is that they are made in the USA!!! I found a dog toy I was interested in on another website that claimed their toys are all made in the US. I read about the toy and at the bottom of the description was a statement that the toy is made in China but the China company claims that the toy is made to the highest/required USA standards. I didn't order the toy! I will stay with ordering toys from West Paw because from experience, they have held up to the treatment they get from my dogs and I feel good about giving them something made in the US!! Thanks West Paw!!

- Carolyn Smith -


May 05, 2014

My 2 brittanies love the small berber squeaky bone. I got the first one at my local store and quickly ordered 4 more from you. They love them and for some reason don't destroy them. My one year old pup loves to retrieve it inside the house, and I can throw it without fear of damaging anything

- Barbara Canfield -

Love this toy

March 28, 2014

Our GSP loves this toy. She generally destroys squeaky toys (and has been known to chew her West Paw Nap Mat), but this bone is a great quality and she plays with it frequently.

- EM -


January 03, 2014

Our two dachshunds absolutely love their squeekie bones. We never know if they are going to destroy the toys or play with them. They elected to play with them this year and it is such a kick to watch them squeak the devil out of the bones. We really like the quality of West Paws toys.

Waste of Good Money

May 28, 2013

It took my pit mix less than three days to destroy this toy. I've had bargain bin toys from the local pet store last much, much longer. When I emailed customer service about a replacement or guarantee, I was told that the plush toys were not guaranteed. Instead, he suggested I purchase another of their toys - just not plush. Ummm, no thanks. Better money can be spent at Petsmart.

- Carrie Brown -
Atlanta, GA, United States

Tiny size great!

January 28, 2013

Thanks for remembering the tiny dogs! They love to play too! My two 5 and 6 lb. dogs have enjoyed these bones for years. The squeaker lasted a long time on most of them, but even after it no longer squeaks, they still play fetch with the bone. I've even thrown them in the washer and dryer and the squeaker usually toughs it out. We have purchased probably a dozen or more of these over the years. I want to replace them due to being dirty before they wear out. I like that they are not too thick, as they can still fit into tiny mouths.

- Anonymous -
Oakville, ON Canada