Extra Large
Moss Chevron
Rust Chevron
Blue Spruce Chevron
Extra Small$2.75$5.50

Tiny Bone
5" wide

Extra Small

Mini Bone
7.25" wide


9.25" wide

Extra Large$17.95$17.95

Jumbo Bone
13.25" wide

Extra Large

Berber has gone to the dogs in a soft and durable fabric dog toy for all day toss and fetch indoors or out. This classic favorite comes in a range of delightful colors so that you can stock up and change out with the season.

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Customer Reviews


January 15, 2013

Our terrier had a hole chewed in the fabric and the squeaker removed within minutes. She loves to squeak but can't resist destroying.

- Anonymous -
United States

The Bones

December 27, 2012

This is the 2nd year to purchase the Bones. I bought one last year for our church dog and he loves them! The purchase from last year has held up well. It is well loved and chewed on!

- Anonymous -
Wichita Falls, Tx

Stuffed Toys

November 26, 2012

I bought 3 stuffed animals and was pleased with all three.

- Anonymous -
Waterford, MI

Mini Bones

November 21, 2012

West Paw squeak toys last at least twice as long as most other dog toys made overseas.

- James Z. -
Albuquerque, NM

Another great toy

October 21, 2012

This straightforward, stuffed bone is a hit with our six-month old, 50 lb. lab-poodle mix. He tears standard stuffed toys apart within days but still has a smaller westpaw bone from 4 months ago. We bought this one to keep up with his size and he's a fan!

- Char Theriault -
Las Vegas, NV

the soft toy, bone

September 26, 2012

I had purchased a look-a-like stuffed red bone a while back but it was becoming threadbare and was from China. Have replaced it with this one and Chris didn't miss a beat!! Well made and doesn't loose treads!!!!!!

- Anonymous -

Squeeky bone

February 23, 2012

I give the products "no stars", though the system made me choose a star. The bone's squeaky lasted approx 30 seconds; not because my dog tried to destroy the toy to get to the squeaky, but because the quality of the toy was very poor. There was little, if any stuffing to insulate the squeaky for any longevity of play.

The squeaky was very stiff and probably cracked from the approx 30 seconds of play. I compared the quality of your squeaky to other toys my dog has and there is no comparison.

I also bought a squeaky turtle. The squeaky is of very stiff plastic and folded over with just a few bites. It barely squeaks now. I have a mini dachshund with small jaws. The toy is "under-stuffed" and not really appealing.

- Anonymous -
Woodstock, GA

Only stuffed toys left

February 13, 2012

I bought the dogs (German Shepherd and GSD mix) a regular size Bone, lasted a few days. Then a friend gave them a Jumbo bone for Christmas. One dog would carry it around the house and the other would hover waiting for the chance to grab it, so I ordered a second one. Of course the one they don't have is always the one they want, but almost two months later the squeakers still work and the bones are still in one piece.

- Marilynne -
Idaho Falls, ID

Dogs Christmas Toys 2011

December 26, 2011

Dogs loved all the stuffed toys. It's the day after Christmas and they all still have the squeakers in them. Shipment was fast and complete. Best of ALL THEY WERE MADE IN THE USA!!!!!

- Cap'n Bob -
Charleston, SC


October 08, 2011

Durable material and strong squeaker. Our 1 year old loves to play fetch and make it squeak - he can do this for an hour - I always tire out before he does. The tiny size is perfect for my 6 lb. dogs.