Moss Chevron
Rust Chevron
Blue Spruce Chevron

aka: "Li'l S-S-Stretch"
19.5" long


aka: "Big S-S-Stretch"
34" long


Your dog will love to shake and squeak this soft bodied snake. Recycled fill and a fun squeaker will make this toy the go to dog toy for your favorite pup. The large oversized head and stretchy body makes this a must have item for interactive play.

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Customer Reviews

His Absoute Favorite

May 31, 2008

This is my chihuahua's favorite toy. I buy him another one when one wears out. He folds it over into thirds at bed time and brings it with him to bed. Thank you so much for providing hours of fun for my dog and me!

- Steve -
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wonderful toy

August 03, 2007

Our dog loves this toy, it is her favorite plush toy. She likes to fetch it, shake it, roll on it, and when she gets tired, she rests her muzzle on it like a pillow. She plays hard with her toys, but is not deliberately destructive so these snakes last a long time for her.