Targhee Trout

Rust Chevron
Blue Spruce

Targhee Trout may be a fish out of water, but isn't afraid of getting wet - wash and dry this fun dog toy. With a long-lasting, attention holding squeaker, recycled polyfill and reinforced Berber material, our Targhee Trout will be the toy of choice for all dogs!

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Customer Reviews

Love all West Paw!

April 22, 2014

Among the many, love them! Happy to support!

- Wyatt's Mom -
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Giant Schnauzer Proof - Targhee Trout

April 22, 2013

Eva, our one year old giant schnauzer, absolutely loves her Targhee Trout. She carries it around constantly and it has lasted through many rounds of tug-of-war with the neighbor's dog. It's so well made and I'm happy knowing that she's playing with something that is made from safe materials.

- Brittanie -
Savannah, GA

Targhee Trout

May 20, 2012

Great toy - great products!
Safe non-toxic toys made in the USA!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the toys -
and virtually indestructable by my Jack!
Now if I could only do something about
the neighbor dogs rustling her toys!

- Suzanne -
Sperryville Virginia


January 04, 2010

This toy didn't last long at all into the stuffing, along with the squeaker, was ripped out and almost consumed by my dog, Zoe. However, we managed to handle the stuffing before she could get her paws on it. However, even with the stuffing gone, it is one of her favorite toys.

- Anonymous -
United States

not that durable?

November 23, 2008

I've had my trout for 6 years and it's still intake and I still get excited when I play with my trout.

- Lucy Blue Foxhound -
Fort Bragg, CA

Not that durable

September 17, 2008

My dog loved this toy from the start. It was by far her favorite toy. But one day I saw stuffing all over my house. It didn't take that long for my dog to de-gut Mr. Targhee Trout