Doggy Froggy


A plush fabric dog toy for small dogs. This miniature frog toy is made with a long-lasting squeaker, recycled polyfill and soft corduroy fabric and is designed to entertain your tiny pooch for hours!

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Customer Reviews

My girl LOVES her "baby"!!

April 03, 2013

My morkie Barsa LOVES her baby. We thought it was a crab so we call it her crab.
Whenever she is sleepy, she goes to find her baby, kissed is and plops her little chin on it and falls asleep.
She will even leave the bed to go get it if she has forgotten to bring it to bed with her.

I always try to have back up "crabs" for her.
Thank god I found this website!!

- Anonymous -
Toronto, Ontario

Doggy Froggy

December 25, 2012

The only toy our Maltese plays with - and he is obsessed with them!

- Anonymous -
Del mar CA

Happies terrier in L.A.

July 12, 2012

Riley LOVES his Froggy and carries it with him everywhere. He presents it to me when I get home from work - I think he wants me to make sure Froggy's eyes are still there...they're gone which makes him look like a soft shell crab! I was so excited to receive the gift of a recycled dog toy. Since Riley is tiny, I took the gift to my local shelter to donate. While there, I adopted a little cat who has become best friends with Riley. Thank you for your kindness and for helping with the rescue!

- MarkMcBr -
Studio City, California 91604

best toy ever

May 07, 2012

fantastic product - my dachshunds carry them around the house with them all the time!

Doggy Froggy

April 28, 2012

Our two doxies absolutely love the Doggy Froggies. They are just the right size for them to carry and run with...trying to keep away from one another. Lots of laughter and lots of fun watching them.

- Anonymous -
Reno, NV

Doggy Froggy

December 18, 2011

My Customers love the Doggy Froggy, they are so cute! My first order sold out quickly and my second order will soon be gone. Super product.

- Anonymous -
Medina, OH

Frog Addict

June 29, 2011

My dachshund L'wheeze had never gotten attached to a toy until I got her one of these frogs on a whim. Frogs are my favorite, so I was extremely happy when I found her carrying this little plush guy with her everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It's pretty adorable. Perfect size for her mouth, squeaker didn't pop as quickly as most toys, and totally adorable design. Thanks!

We LOVE our Froggy!

October 12, 2009

It seems like such a small thing in this big world, but for those of us whose day is made when our dogs find something they fall in love with instantly, it just makes life so sweet!

Grace, my Italian Greyhound, was presented with her Froggy yesterday. She is a super squeaker and can squeak faster than I've ever heard. It's insane. She carried Froggy around all day and napped with her chin laid gently on Froggy's head. At bedtime, she slowly, sleepily, with eyes half closed, got off the couch to come to bed, with guess-who dangling from her mouth. Thank you, West Paw Design, for awesome Froggy! Life is sweet!

- Debbi -
Spring Hill, TN

Gisele's favorite

October 05, 2009

So happy we found the Doggy Froggy....Gisele is a 16 week Giant Schnauzer from working lines....she has numerous larger toys including the moose yet this by far is her favorite....she carries it in her mouth and is able to get it to squeak in a rapid-fire way I'm unable to duplicate (with my hand). Tosses it, brings it to me to toss or tug and loves to be asked to "find the Doggy Froggy". Last week I purchased a second as the first has been carried outside and is difficult to find when she leaves it, left it in a bag, tonight she found it and the fun hour of non-stop play!

- Donna -
Ann Arbor MI and Chicago IL