Floppy Frog



Ribbit, Ribbit. Once this frog jumps into your life, you’ll never let him go! Made from a soft corduroy material from our popular Grandma Adams collection, Floppy Frog will quickly become a toy box favorite! With a robust squeaker safely hidden inside recycled polyfill, this frog is tough enough to stand up to rough and tumble play. A colorful square patch accents his back, but don’t mistake it for a wart!

Comes in 2 bright colors. Measures 10”. Made in Montana, USA.

Smaller size available:  Doggy Froggy 3.5"

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Customer Reviews


January 20, 2016

Our dog got this as a gift 2 YEARS AGO!!!!! He's never had a toy last a week or two. This toy is so sturdy and durable. It only just starting to get gross looking so I just purchased a new one! Seriously these toy ROCK!!

- AmandaR -

Floppy Frog

August 30, 2014

My golden retriever loves loves loves the frog. He plays with it and also uses it to cuddle when he sleeps!

- Amy h

Love all West Paw!

April 22, 2014

This is the first toy Wyatt received when we rescued him three years ago and he still has it! My mom turned me on to the brand and its the only toys I buy. Worth the money! Love that products are made in the USA!

- Wyatt's Mom -
South Lake Tahoe, CA

Not worth the costs

February 05, 2014

Did not last 5 Min. with our 11 month old lab. Big lots toys last longer

Lydia's favorite

March 08, 2013

Lydia is a nibbler. The sacrificial eyeballs and patch were her focus for the first day. Now she just daintily carries the rest around, gently squeaking from time to time. This toy has durability! Thank you!

- Nancy M -
Western PA

We love Floppy frog

February 18, 2013

My dog loves this toy and the teddy bear. Nicely made and sturdy for chewing and tossing.

floppy frog

January 09, 2013

Great way to start the New Year !!
Our dog, Lost loves this made in America toy

- Anonymous -
Lake Worth Florida

Love it!

December 29, 2012

Our dog Kevin loves this toy! Yes, the patch came off in the first ten minutes, quickly followed by the eyes, but that was fully expected as its a fabric toy and Kevin loved to dismantle everything we give him. I know this toy won't last long so we only give it to him for short periods, until he sets to work trying to tear it apart. I like to hide it around the house for him and sooner or later I see him trotting around with it in his mouth, squeaking away. Wish there was some kind of indestructible fabric they could use for these so they could last for a long time but I would definitely buy another one after this one goes to doggy toy heaven!

- Nicole P -
Mission, BC

Delightful Toy

December 17, 2012

My miniature dachshund loves her frog. I can flip way up in the air and she runs after it. I run slowly behind her so that she thinks I am trying to take it away and she goes around and around until I beg her to let me have it. She will then stop and let me catch it so that I can throw it again. She never gets tired of playing with her West Paw toys and the frog is one of her favorites.

- Angie Vaden -
Austin, Tx.

Two thumbs up

March 12, 2012

The first toy to last longer than a day. Over one week and besides the eye balls and patch, floppy frog is still going strong. Same for Tango. Bought another US made product at Petsmart (hoping it would be as good a quality as Westpaw), and it lasted about 2 hours. My next dog toy purchase will be from Westpaw for sure!

- AnjaTNgirl -
Nashville, TN