Puppy Pooch


A plush fabric dog toy for small dogs. This miniature dog toy is made with a long-lasting squeaker, recycled polyfill and soft corduroy fabric and is designed to entertain your tiny pooch for hours!

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Customer Reviews

Had our first for almost 6 years..

January 22, 2014

and it still looks good and squeaks... we got a second one because the puppy is so popular!!! GrisGris loves her tiny West Paw animals!!!

Puppy Pooch & Teddy for Puppy

June 02, 2013

I bought both the Puppy Pooch & Teddy for Puppy. I was very happy to get toys for my little Yorkie made in the USA, however, while they were very cute the squeakers lasted for one day; in my opinion that makes them poor quality squeakers. When I sent an email to West Paw complaining about it, I was told that because there was little stuffing between the toy and the squeaker and the dogs teeth they can't guarantee them, so WHY bother to put a squeaker in if they are not going to last more than a day or two?

I also bought from another website West Paw's unstuffed Mini Giraffe... same thing happened... what a waste of money. West Paw would not send me a replacement for those toys, but they did send one of their Mini Zogofelx toys which I appreciated but that was not what I ordered. So the bottom line is they need to improve those toys or not sell them.

- CarolB -
Mountain View, CA

every dog's toy

March 04, 2013

I bought three of the toys for my Shih Tsu, who loves them because they're small and soft. The Basset hound loves them because he can easily hide them from the Shih Tsu. The English Bulldog loves to lay down with one at the end of her nose and "cuddle" with it. All three of the toys are still intact, which makes me happy.

- Anonymous -
Dallas, TX

Love at first squeak!

February 09, 2013

My cockapoo LOVES this toy. I got it for him two years ago & it's still his absolute fave. I've washed it several times and it's fine.

It's the perfect size for him to carry in his mouth and fling it around to chase it. If he flings it somewhere unreachable he cries. He loves to drop it in my lap as a little hint for me to play with him and his favorite toy.

I'll be getting many more of these as 'backup.'

- Lu -

Puppy pooch

September 09, 2011

This is the first toy I purchased for my Maltese.... and still her all time favorite.... it seems to fit perfectly in her little mouth... Couldn't find them for the longest time.... finally found West Paw... I now buy them in quantity as I have two Maltese... and Puppy Pooch is both their favorite!!!

buy this!

March 09, 2010

amazing! we love it! and so do our dogs

- Anonymous -
ny ny

true love

March 09, 2010

our Pomeranian has found true love with the puppy pooch. she is obsessed with it and i have bought 4 more to have on hand for when she out-chews the current one!

- Anonymous -

Puppy pooch

January 11, 2009

My cocker loves her puppy pooch! She takes puppy to bed with her and gives it to me when she wants to play. Only if they would have it in a medium because lil puppy gets chewed fast because its made for a very small dog. The big Puppy is too big for my dog.

- Pamela -

Best Little Toy for a Little Dog

May 11, 2008

At three pounds my chihuahua finds most dog toys too big or intimidating. This little stuffed pooch has been her number one toy since we have brought her home. She still (2 years later) carries him around the house. It is her only toy that she takes to bed with her. She loves this little toy so much, we bought the rest of the small toy group. She loves them all. Great tiny product for great tiny dogs!

- Cara -
New York

Puppy pooch

October 16, 2007

I have bought 3 puppy pooch for my little dog. She just loves it. When I tell her to find Bebe She will look around to find puppy and brings it to me. It is just the right size for her. I wash it several times but she get upset when she can't sqeak it. So I always have to search around to buy a new one.

- B J -