Tiny Turtle



Though it’s tiny, this Tiny Turtle small dog toy is a big hit with the little dogs! Made especially for the smallest of breeds; Tiny Turtle features a robust squeaker safely hidden inside for hours of aggressive play with your precious pooch. With a durable corduroy fabric shell, this plush dog toy is sure to be your small dog's friend for years to come.

Comes in 2 fun colors. Measures 4.25”. Made in Montana, USA.

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Customer Reviews

Tiny Turtle

January 20, 2015

The tiny turtle lasted longer than I thought it would against my Pug/Jack Russell mix. He is a destroyer of black Kongs, however.

- Linda Cody -
High Point, NC

Tiny turtle

August 19, 2013

My friend gave one of your chew bones and the little turtle to my puppy of 5 months. I adopted her from the Thompson Falls shelter. Belle loves both of these gifts, and runs around with the turtle in her mouth. Very cute! The quality is very good, and I can hear that little squeak, squeak from the turtle all the time. Enjoy your web site...

Thank you.

Annie McDonald

- AnnieR. -
Victor, Montana

Strong tiny turtle

December 27, 2012

I bought the tiny turtle for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but two labs got it. It has held up when many toys have already been destroyed.

- Anonymous -
charlotte, nc

Perfect size!

December 25, 2012

My two chihuahua-poodle mixes love these tiny squeak toys. They are big enough to be safe, but thin and light enough for them to catch in their mouths and carry around.

- Anonymous -
Ontario, Canada

Tiny Turtle

December 11, 2012

Was great for the small dogs but lost his little squeaker life to my Rottweiler.

- James Z. -
New Mexico

Perfect for Small Puppies

May 01, 2012

This toy is so cute. My Chihuahua puppy, Micah, loves to squeak it over and over. It is the perfect size for his tiny mouth. He loves to dig at the corduroy side, and he likes to chew at the softer side. He even enjoys grabbing it by the little patch on it. A wonderful toy at a GREAT price!!!

- Jackie and Micah -
southeastern NC

Tiny Turtle

March 04, 2012

We love the Tiny Turtle. It's great being able to offer a soft toy for toy breeds that is made in the USA.

- Jeff Sikora -
internet store


July 02, 2011

I found one of these at one of our local natural dog food stores. My Border Collie loves it! (she loves little toys, especially with the squeak - important to note that SHE DOES NOT try to EAT her toys) My friend bought the "Teddy" for her chihuahua mix and he ADORES it too!


February 26, 2011

Our little 12 lbs Cavalier tore this open in less than 10 min. We are very disappointed with the quality.

Best Squeaky Ever

January 27, 2011

My Chihuahua Ava absolutely adores her Tiny Turtle.

Today, I purchased Ava a replacement, after her Labrador sister Shilo, disemboweled the original. Ava doesn't seem to know the difference between the two playthings. She's just glad to have Mr. Turtle back, complete with squeaker.

Hats off to West Paw Design, for making such a wonderful and cute toy especially for the little ones.