Wacky Worm


Wacky Worm combines all the aspects of a tug into one great dog toy! The soft corduroy material is securely sewn around an elastic band, allowing ample stretch for hours of interactive dog fun.

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Customer Reviews

Wacky Worm West in Pieces

January 11, 2014

Wacky Worm was an immediate hit with my dogs. They fought over it and it got a lot of abuse early on as it was the link in numerous tug of war games. Unfortunately my dogs are Labs and Wacky Worm never had much of a chance--stretched straight and without his eyeballs after a day or two. If I did not have Labs this toy would have gotten a higher rating as they absolutely loved it. Great for smaller, less assertive dogs. Bad Labs!

- tiojim -
Alpharetta GA

Better than Expected

May 18, 2013

We received an unexpected benefit with the purchase of the Wacky Worm. My Labrador Retriever loves to play tug and we were pleasantly surprised that the Wacky Worm is a great toy for this. The elasticity provided a lot of "give" when she shakes. This 'give' truly saves my arm and let's me play longer with her. Love it!

- Kimberly Lewis -

Good Tug Toy

April 02, 2013

I buy the long stretchy toys because my dogs LOVE to play tug and boy they are tough on toys, most toys don't last longer than one game of tug. The S-S-Stretch was very, very long lasting. The only reason I gave it 3 stars was because I was a little disappointed that there was NO squeaker, this was my OWN fault for not noticing that in the description. I would recommend this toy and would buy it again even though it didn't have a squeaker.

Again could do better

December 29, 2012

Not sure what it is glueing eye on a chew toy but not the mest thing to do since they tear them off and try to eat them.

- Patty -
boynton beach, fl


December 20, 2012

Alright so the eyes and tounge are the first things to come off. They eventually get the elastic out and, i tie it off, many time. I seriously have 5. Way better then giving my dog a rope and having that tied up in his digestive system. The ones i have are all in smaller pieces now and i order more once in a year or so. Anyway. BUY THEM, they are awesome and my dogs love them. They arent made of rubber, but what that you can play tug a war with your dog would be rubber.

- Katrina -
Grayling, MI

Good quality

July 03, 2012

High quality durable product like all of West Paw's toys. Beagle and terrier play tug of war and still in one piece. It would make it more attractive to have a squeaker. They are looking for the squeaker. Toy gets less attention because of that.

- AnjaTNgirl -
Nashville, TN

poorly made...

June 09, 2012

This product is so poorly made I would suggest taking it off the website immediately!...I have a toy poodle, didn't realize how big it was for him, nevertheless he had it for all of a minute and a half and the eyeballs were off and some stuffing from the inside along with it.I was really upset. This is the first toy he's taken apart...ever. I wanted to send it back but the bag it was shipped in is not able to be re used and the time and energy it would take for me to send it back in addition to paying for the shipping wasn't worth it.

- Anonymous -
Bayside, New York

Lots of Fun

January 03, 2012

This is a great interactive toy. I knew right away the eyes would be first to go, and they were. My two year old Labrador started prancing around with it and then started quietly chewing out the eyes. he loves playing with it and will bring it over to play tug-a-war. It has withstood more than I thought it would considering he demolishes all the soft toys we give him.

- Anonymous -
Davis ,CA

Durable but not so Appealing

January 04, 2010

This toy is very, very durable but my dog has never paid much attention to it. She got it 2 years ago and now we can't find it. She plucked both of the eyes out but that is about it. She doesn't play with it nearly as much as the Eco-Friendly Turtle, Moose, Squirrel, or Beaver, or a load of other toys.

- Anonymous -
United States


January 11, 2009

First toy that survived my best friends dog who is an American Eskimo! Eyes came off but the rest; still intact and she loves it.

- Pamela -