Wacky Worm


Wacky Worm combines all the aspects of a tug into one great dog toy! The soft corduroy material is securely sewn around an elastic band, allowing ample stretch for hours of interactive dog fun.

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Customer Reviews

Did Pretty Well!

September 16, 2008

Well, his eyes came off first but he stayed alive until my dog hid him somewhere. Overall, pretty darn durable.

My dog loves this toy

June 07, 2008

My Golden Retriever took to this toy immediately. Unfortunately, she quickly was able to rip the stitching, detach the elastic and chew off they eyes so now it's just one long piece of corduroy. But that does not seem to diminish her enjoyment. She especially seems to like to gnaw on the little extra tab of fabric at the end and the knot for the head. I may attempt to sew the elastic back to get the scrunchiness again, but it's pretty good as is.

- Katrina -
Miami, FL

hours of fun!

January 04, 2007

i have two beagle girls that can play with this toy all night long. they just play tug of war for hours. once the little one wins (and she always does) she just gnaws on it the rest of the night like a teething toy. it's a very durable toy and i highly recommend it.