Rowdy Rooster


Birds of a feather have fun together and would love the company of your furry friend. Don't let the soft, furry fabric fool you - this is one strong fabric dog toy! Filled with a fun squeaker and covered in silky, bright colored fabric, this is one dog toy that deserves to ruffles some feathers.

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Rowdy Rooster Rub Out


February 16, 2014

It took all of 2 minutes before I had to throw Mr. Rowdy Rooster in the garbage. My dog not only pulled off the eyes, but pulled out a hand full, or should I say a mouth full of blue fur! He's not even a chewer. He has other furry toys that only need to be washed now and then. Not one of those has bit the dust, and they have all been through 3 different dogs over the years. What's up? Is there some kind of scent that I didn't pick up on, but my dog did? I can't figure it out, but I know I won't be buying any more of your fuzzy little friends. My husband wanted me to get my money back, but I'd already pitched it. Plus the hassle of shipping it back and paying for that would be more trouble than the toy was worth.

my dog loves this!


January 08, 2013

I bought this for our lab puppy that is 11 weeks old and she loves it! Her favorite toy for sure.....and it is still in one piece and not shedding!

- Anonymous -



December 06, 2012

This toy is very appealing and fun for my dog to play with, but its fur comes off all over the place. Within hours of having it, my dog had swallowed tons of fluff. How do I know? Because the next morning he THREW UP about a CUP'S worth of the stuff. He could easily have died if he hadn't thrown it up.

- Ivete -
United States