Salsa and Baby Salsa


aka: "Baby Salsa"
12" wide
(with arms stretched out)


17" wide
(with arms stretched out)


Loveable, squeaky dog toys - Salsa and Baby Salsa add fun and color to playtime with your furry family member. Made in the USA and built to be shaken, swung and tugged these fabric dog toys can be thrown in the wash for the next round of active play with your pup.

Handcrafted in the USA

Each dog toy is handcrafted by an experienced toymaker in Bozeman, Montana.

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Customer Reviews

Puppy's favorite toy!

May 24, 2012

Baby salsa is my dog's favorite toy by far. She loves pouncing, shaking, tugging and squeaking the arm over and over again! She's a 9 wk old Border Collie/Lab mix and she and Salsa do everything together! Best purchase we have made for her to date.

- Anonymous -
Omaha, NE

Salsa and Babyu Salsa

March 05, 2012

This is actually our miniature schnauzer puppy Hobie's second and third Salsa stuffie. One of his very first toys was a blue Salsa and it instantly became his favorite. We decided to get him new ones as we pulled back the original to clean it. He took to the new just as easily and loves them! Highly recommended... and durable.

- Hobie -
Arlington, VA

Totally awesome

January 25, 2012

This is the best toy ever! It is the only toy that interests our special needs boxer mix rescue dog. Our other dog (30 lb. mixed breed: Sheltie/Corgi/Papillon who knows)loves this toy. It is the only toy she has not destroyed in a couple of hours. They have lasted months and are still going strong. Even when the squeakers go, she still loves this toy. She loves playing tug with them, loves the squeakers, and she cuddles with it and suckles it too. She carries at least one with her up and down the stairs and we keep one in the car for her too. Do not ever stop making this toy -- it is the best ever and our dogs would be crushed if they did not have their Salsa toys.

- Pets: Katie and Hildie -

Favorite Toy

January 05, 2012

My two-year-old Shih Tzu-Pomeranian loves this toy! Even when the squeakers are gone (which happens pretty easily), he still carries it around like a security blanket and likes playing fetch with it.

Just wish the eyes didn't come off so easily (and that the squeakers lasted longer)!

- Anonymous -
New York

magical toy

January 02, 2012

The baby salsa may not look like much, but our shih tzu goes nuts for it! It is by far his favorite toy! When we bought the first one, the clerk at the pet store told us that all dogs love the salsa and baby salsa and that ended up being true for our dog too. We decided to get him a 2nd one for Christmas and now his only concern is which one to play with! The fuzzy hair is really durable and the toy is basically indestructible.

- Anonymous -
Pittsburgh, PA


December 30, 2011

Only problem was the dog pulled out fluffy turquoise fluff right away.
They're very cut tho.

- Anonymous -

Insanely great dog toy

December 26, 2011

I got Salsa in bright yellow for my daughter's lab. She (the lab, not my daughter) loves it, and spends hours shaking and chewing on Salsa. Seems like the toy is just the right "mouth feel" for a dog to enjoy "killing" it over and over again. Sounds a mite sick, I suppose, but I'm not a dog. Anyway, thanks for making an insanely great dog toy that made one dog very happy...

- Anonymous -
Salida, CO


December 19, 2011

I love the Salsa toy and so does my Great Dane, Daisy and my destructo-dog, Peanut.

Most plush toys, whether stuffed or not, last about 2 hours in my house. The Salsa toy is still in tact and it's been 5 days!!

The squeaker lasted about 3 days, but the rest of the toy is still in good shape.

- Terri McCarthy -
Cleveland, TN

My dogs favorite toy!!

June 22, 2011

My 3 year old corgi just loves this toy. For his 3rd birthday a co-worker of mine got it for him. This night he just could not stop playing with it, between sitting a just squeaking it to throwing it all over the house it quickly became his favorite toy. And when he would not share it with our other dog we knew we had to get another, so my other now has a pink one he got for easter and they just love playing with them together.

great toy

July 10, 2010

My two dogs love this toy so much we had to buy 2. They drag them around everywhere and the toy is twice their size. Great entertainment!

- Anonymous -
Indianapolis, IN