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Long, "shake-me" arms and legs will delight your dog for hours of play. This fun fabric dog toy is filled with recycled polyfill and two lasting squeakers so your pooch and fetch, snuggle and shake for your active pup.

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Customer Reviews

Very disappointed

December 31, 2014

I am so disappointed in the quality of not just this Tango toy but the four other toys I purchased from west paw design. My dog managed to rip out both speakers from Tango within the first hour. To anyone thinking of purchasing any of theses toys I would strongly reconsider.

- Natalie Shimizu -

Tango a favorite

June 10, 2014

Squeakers don't last long with my pack either, but even after the squeakers die, tango is my pack's favorite toy.

- Catherine -

Puppy Loves Her Tango

December 26, 2013

The squeakers in ANY toy don't last long in my house, but I expect that. Luckily my dogs don't destroy the toy, just stop the squeakers from making noise. My young female dog carries this around like it is a security blanket and it must go to bed with her each night. This is her second Tango.

- weaverkt -

Tortured Tango

September 06, 2013

Poor Tango was tortured after about 10 minutes. Our 6 month old Catahoula hound mix had Tango's stuffing all over the floor in no time at all. I was hoping to find a "stuffed" toy that wouldn't be destroyed so quickly, however, no such luck.
I guess if I am spending money for our dogs to destroy their toys, at least these have been made in USA!!
On a positive note the recycled "rubber" toys have been a hit :)

- Canine Mama -


August 23, 2013

Purchased this along with the frog- both of their eyes were ripped off within 10 minutes. They are not stitched on well. Very surprised, as I have purchased many dog toys from this company and this did not happen with the others. Both had the same kind of small white eyes. I have a small terrier who is a medium chewer. Won't buy them again.

- Anonymous -

Could do better

December 29, 2012

The eyes are glued on so needless to say that last two minutes before my pup had them off and was trying to eat them, this was a problem for a lot of stuff I bought and glueing things on for dogs to chew isn't smart.

- Patty -
boynton beach, fl

Very Good!

December 10, 2012

Great toy! I have a shiba inu who is a chewer and he destroys all plush toys. Whenever he gets anything furry, his goal is to bite through and get all the fluff out or tear bits and pieces of it apart.
This has held up so far and I'm very impressed with the quality. The eyes of this toy were ripped off though, so I might suggest you take the eyes off yourself before giving your dog the toy. My dog likes to rip the fur out too (he's the type of dog that likes to rip the green fuzz off of tennis balls rather than actually play 'fetch')
I can't believe this toy is still alive. We use it to play tug o war a lot.

- Celina -
Alberta Canada


August 21, 2012

Too heavy for indoor play. Too heavy for catch. Good for chase on the ground....still have to miss hitting the dog with it...

- elizabeth -
usa back yard and indoors

Tango didn't make it!!

August 09, 2012

Tango didn't last long at our house. After approximately 20 minutes our Golden had town the arm completely off of this toy. We were disappointed since it had good reviews, but not it is just another toy that didn't live up to the reviews. I would not recommend this for dogs that like to chew, she also managed to shred pieces of fur off of the toy before the arm came off.

- Diane S. -
State College, PA

Best toy ever

June 03, 2012

These are the best toys EVER! I have a pit bull mix who SHREDS everything, but for some reason, these hold up! The eyes come off, but after that, they last forever, through endless rounds of tug of war between our two dogs and all kinds of chewing and tearing and squeaking! Plus, there is something about the floppy arms that they just LOVE. My two definitely prefer their Tango toys over most other squeaky toys!

- Kirsten Whitlock -
United States