Floppy Dog

Daisy Bouqet

7" wide


Your dog has met his match.  This hand made floppy, fabric dog toy might be smaller than the average pooch but he’s full of gusto (and so is his mini me!). Floppy Dog is the stuffing-free dog toy playmate your dogs been waiting for.  Floppy dog will provide hours of squeaky fun for Fido.

You pick the size and we’ll choose you a fun color or pattern.  Made with machine washable and dryer-safe polyester.  Hand made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Lg and dmall floppy dog

June 08, 2015

I have s golden retriever and a poodle/shitzu mix hence bought lg and small floppy dog. They are very very small. Durable but so not worth the money.

- Borzel -
Phoenix AZ

Floppy Dog

June 12, 2013

I have four chihuahuas and they love this toy. It's easy for them to carry and squeak.

- Anonymous -

Cut but take the glued noise off

December 29, 2012

They glue a stupid noise on which the dog just chews off and tries to eat, like the duck the best cause it doesn't have any glued parts

- Patty -
boynton beach, fl

floppy dog

November 26, 2012

From my chi's perspective this is a great toy. He managed to disassemble it in about 3 weeks - First doing the squeaker in and later removing it completely by chewing holes in the neck and head. I think the ears will be removed next- akin to eating a gingerbread cookie. We would need about 20 of them to make it through a year which unfortunately from a human perspective is cost prohibitive.

- Anonymous -

Floppy Dog

October 18, 2012

Both my small chihuahuas love this colorful toy!

- Anonymous -
Seattle, WA

Floppy Dog is a Flop

August 12, 2012

My Goldendoodle completely destroyed this toy within hours of giving it to her. It was $20 with shipping and I was very disappointed. I don't even think this toy would hold up for a puppy.

- SW -
San Angelo Tx


April 28, 2012

These puppies were fantastic. Both dogs fell in love with them and play with all the time. Thanks for such a great product.

- Constance Hamilton -


February 07, 2012

We just received the mini size version of this. It is absolutely adorable - the design is so cheerful and I love the big, floppy ears. My young squeaker-toy-obsessed Chihuahua loves it of course, but even my middle-aged Chihuahua likes it - I think because it is so easy to fit in her tiny mouth. They can easily play catch with this one.

- Anonymous -