Floppy Quack


14" tall


Floppy, flat and fabulous, the stuffing-free Floppy Quack dog toy is designed for dogs that have a tendency to love traditional plush toys to pieces. Great for pouncing, shaking, tossing and retrieving, this lively duck-shaped dog toy has two squeakers sewn inside. Because it's made with baby-blanket soft material. Measures 14” for larger breeds and measures 8” for smaller breeds.

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Customer Reviews

Kids *Love* Their Quacks

April 12, 2013

This is the perfect toy for my Shih Tzu and my Tzu mix. They love tossing it around, making it squeak, etc. They even try to get each other's Quacks. Nice alternate for the Salsa/Baby Salsa, which they also love.

- T&P's Mom -

My Yorkie, Dexter loves Floppy Quack

February 09, 2013

My Yorkie, Dexter loves his Floppy Quack! He loves to toss it up in the air and flip it around, then run after it! It's really cute to watch. He also likes to chew on it so he has already broken the squeaker inside. I'm wondering if WestPaw could include a more durable squeaker in their toys because this also happened to the Floppy Giraffe I bought for Dexter.
Thanks, Jennifer

- Jen -
Morningside Heights, NY City

Floppy Quack

January 24, 2013

Love it!

- Anonymous -

mixed reviews

January 10, 2013

This is the second large floppy quack that I have purchased from your company. The first lasted only seconds. This one has lasted much longer and I love the color that was chosen for my dog. I am disappointed in the size. They seem to have shrunk in size and not price since I purchased the first one.

- Anonymous -

Floppy Ducky

December 19, 2012

I wasn't sure how long Floppy Duck would hold up to my playful Rottweiler but he has had it for weeks and still carries around like a woobie. Thanks West Paw!

- Anonymous -
Colorado Springs, CO

Absolutely LOVE it!

February 18, 2012

My Tibetan Terrier chooses her polka dot duck first every time! She will dig to the bottom of the basket to find it. We also have the flamingo which is popular. She packs it around, Tosses it, squeaks it, tugs it. I keep a back up on hand for when Duck #1 is in the wash! A total hit. Highly recommend!

- A picky pet mom -
Silicon Valkey

Flat Quack/Wacky Worm

January 09, 2012

Flat Quack is very cute, and the dogs like it. It is already missing a foot though. That's expected with 4 big dogs.

Wacky worm is perfect except we think that you should ditch the eyes. Our 11 month old border collie/grey hound ate the eyes off in less than a minute. I gave the worm to her, turned around to put packaging in recycling and the eyes were gone. It is a great tug/spin the dog toy.

- Michele -


December 27, 2011

I have a german shorthair. All of the items i purchased
were completly destroyed in about 15 minutes after i gave them to her. I didn't expext them to last for ever,but did wxpect better for something ratde undistructable.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Flat Quack

October 24, 2011

Great toy my poodles give it a 5 star review. They love being able to throw and shake it easier and I like that they will have no stuffing to possibly eat.
I would highly recommend this toy.

- Anonymous -

Loved the 'no stuffing' idea. Wish it had lasted.

August 18, 2011

My little Pembroke Welsh Corgi loved his flat quack... unfortunately a little TOO much. He destroyed it within a day :( though one pro was that there was no mess! I think from now on I'll stick with the other West Paw plush toys. Those, I have realized, are very durable and tend to last longer.