Būmi Tug Toy

Granny Smith
Aqua Blue

Measures 8.25"


Measures 9.5"


Būmi® is a recyclable floating Zogoflex dog toy for fetch, Handcrafted in the U.S.A., Certified Safe and Guaranteed to Last. Būmi is designed for fetch or tug-of-war. Made with buoyant Zogoflex material, Būmi is guaranteed to go the distance.

Tug Your Heart Out

Fetch, tug, run and repeat! This tug dog toy was designed for active play.

We Guarantee It!

That's right! We're so confident in our product that if you aren't completely satisfied with the durability of your Zogoflex dog toy we will replace it or refund it!

Zogoflex is our exclusive bendy, stretchy, bouncy material.

Zogoflex® is our exclusive material that makes fetch, tug-o-war, and chew therapy more fun—it’s easy on doggie mouths, stretches (without stretching out) and sports an unstoppable bounce—all while staying tenaciously tough.

Chew OR Play - Buying the right dog toy

Yeah, all Zogoflex dog toys are guaranteed, but not all were designed to be chew toys.  While some dogs love to chew, some love to chase - So, be sure to get the toy that bet fits your dog's style.  Need help?  You're in luck, we have a guide just for you!

Zogoflex floats—making a splash for water-happy hounds.

For dogs who love to swim (or just need a distraction in the bathtub), Zogoflex® stays afloat. 

Easy clean-up: Zogoflex goes right into the dishwasher.

It’s easy to sanitize Zogoflex® at home—just pop it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

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Customer Reviews

loved it!

June 11, 2014

My dog loved it, I love the orange, as a bronco fan....Only toy my dog hasn't destroyed

- claudio -
hudson valley, ny

Bought this toy for my

June 10, 2014

Bought this toy for my pitbull who loves to play and chew. This toy so far has held up to his destructiveness. Came quickley and I also like how they recycle old toys from this company into new ones. Definitely will be buying the chew bone for him soon as well.

- christine


May 19, 2014

I have a pit bull and an American bulldog. In the last month they have been literally eating and destroying every toy I've bought for them as well as the cat toys and my own personal belongings. A friend recommended this toy and said she has had hers for a long time so I finally ordered one for each of them. So far, so good! The bulldog tried to tear it apart right away but was unable to do so and now they have figured out how to tug of war with each other.

- Diane McG -
Oklahoma City


May 17, 2014

Loki tested and still going. Loki is a lab mix dog and aptly named (before we knew) after the Norse god of Mischief. Loki has had the large version of this toy for a year now. Its his favorite and he carries it around all day. He loves to play catch and tug with it! Can't believe its intact but it is!!!

- Terr -
SF Bay Area CA


May 07, 2014



Bumi Tug Toy

March 18, 2014

My dog is used to playing tug with cheap rope toys. It took her a minute or so to get used to biting a new material but she quickly learned to love it. I love how it is so flexible and yet sturdy.

- Jenni -
Pittsburgh, PA


March 04, 2014

My puppy loves it she she received the blue one in a bark box and I ordered the green one for her as well as a bunch of your other almost indestructible toys - they are her favorite toys and she is a heavy chewer - these items are built to last.

- Melissa Fahler -
Gibsonia PA

Love it

February 24, 2014

My dog love to fetch tug and chew with this toy. This toy is the longest lasting toy he has had. He loves the orange one better then his blue and has trouble seeing blue. But he loves the toy I even bought a smaller one for his fur cousin and boy does his cousin love it to. It is a great buy.

Amazing Dog toy!

February 19, 2014

This is an amazing dog toy! I have a Goldendoodle that can chew up anything, so it's hard to find study toys. This is positively his favorite. He has had one for over a year and I just purchased 2 more. GREAT TOY FOR DOGS!!! They love the springy action of the toy and to play tug of war with it.

- diskdillie -
Corona, Ca

Not indistructable

February 08, 2014

One tug session of about 15 min. and Clifford ripped off the knob...game over.