Hurley Dog Bone

Extra Small

Measures 4.5"

Extra Small

Measures 6"


Measures 8.25"


It’s a ball. It’s a stick. It’s a bone. And it’s a major bestseller. Dogs love it for gnawing and fetching (especially in water); owners like the easy dishwasher clean-up.

Like all of our Zogoflex® dog toys, Hurley® is recyclable and made in the U.S.A., Certified Safe and Guaranteed to Last.  

Seeing is believing - these are tough dog toys!

When everyone claims to make ultra-tough dog toys, it is hard to know if a dog toy is really as tough as people advertise.  Well, watch for yourself and see why doggie daycares choose to use Zogoflex dog toys in their play rooms.

Big to Mini - Sizes for all dogs

It's a big world out there, but small dogs are ready to explore it, armed with the mini-size version of the Zogoflex® Hurley.

We dare dogs to destroy Zogoflex. (And if they do, we replace it—free.)

Zogoflex® packs a long lifespan. If for any reason it doesn’t, we offer a free one-time replacement.

Chew OR Play - Buying the right dog toy

Yeah, all Zogoflex dog toys are guaranteed, but not all were designed to be chew toys.  While some dogs love to chew, some love to chase - So, be sure to get the toy that bet fits your dog's style.  Need help?  You're in luck, we have a guide just for you!

Zogoflex floats—making a splash for water-happy hounds.

For dogs who love to swim (or just need a distraction in the bathtub), Zogoflex® stays afloat. 

Safe and non-toxic, Zogoflex® means no worries.

Not only is our Zogoflex BPA-free, phthalate-free and non-toxic, it’s FDA compliant—important when toys come in such close contact with your pet.

Tough Fun.

Dog toys made from Zogoflex® material are the best of everything.  Really!  These toys are durable. They aren't rigid, so they are gentle on teeth. They float. They are eco-friendly. Most important, they are FUN!

Easy clean-up: Zogoflex goes right into the dishwasher.

It’s easy to sanitize Zogoflex® at home—just pop it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

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Customer Reviews

Durable chew toy


August 09, 2012

I have a 25lb skye terrier (known for having razor sharp teeth) who destroys anthing and everything. He eats kong and nylabones like they are treats. Naturally, I was skeptical of this product. I must say this is the BEST dog toy ever. I have no idea why Petsmart or Petco do not sell this toy but it is 100% worth ordering. I am so thankful to finally find toys for my dog to chew that stay in one piece. I would recommend this product to anyone with an agressive chewer.

- Anonymous -

New birthday toy for the birthday boy


August 05, 2012

This is the 2nd west paw toy we bought for our doberman and we're happy with it. We thought Hurley would be bigger (longer) though. It works but watch your fingers if you want to play tug with it.

- Anonymous -

Great Toy So Far!


July 31, 2012

I bought this for our son's dog who comes to our home often. Sophie is a German Shorthaired Pointer who is almost a year old. She loves to chew and your toys are the first ones that we have found that she can't destroy. She loves to carry sticks around so I knew she would love the Hurley (large size).

- Marcia -
Morgantown, WV

Super Toy!


July 30, 2012

Dixie is a beagle/Boston Terrier (Boglen Terrier). She has destroyed every stuffed toy, rope toy bed, and blanket I’ve given her…including the advertised “tough” toys and kongs. She also destroyed my upholstered rocking chair, matching footstool and several pillows. Needless to say, she's a chewer! She’s 1½ years old now and the only things I would give her were Nylar bones for powerful chewers which she still eats but it takes a longer time. She’s had the Hurley for over a week and still hasn’t damaged it! She loves it and actually throws it in the air and plays instead of focusing on ripping it up. Love it and can’t wait to get more.

- GayleI -
Kettering, Ohio



July 21, 2012

Bought 2 Hurleys for my two 7 month old Labs. The youngsters tend to destroy every thing within hours and have earned the nickname "the labragators". Disappointedly they don't show much interest in the Hurley, preferring empty water bottles,wood chips and socks.

- Anonymous -

Not Tough Enough for Rudy


July 19, 2012

My two-year-old mutt, Rudy, destroys every toy we get him. He loves playing with toys, but is a rough-tough-tumble kind of dog, so we've had a really hard time finding toys that last longer than a few hours with him. I ordered the Hurley for him and it lasted about a week--a lot longer than most toys, but not quite as durable as I'd like to see. He chewed through part of the tip of Hurley and then was chipping away at the rest of it. It's a shame. He really loved playing with Hurley so we were sad to have to get rid of it.

- LindseyF -

Great water toy!


July 14, 2012

We have two Boston terriers that love their chew toys and love to swim. The Hurley has been the best toy we have found yet. It is great for playing fetch in the water and does double duty as a tug of war toy on land. The hurley floats and the bright colors make it easy for Lucy and Gus to find them even in rough water.
Thank you West Paw for making a great product.

- B Roe -
Carvel Beach, Md.

Tucker Loves It.........


July 03, 2012

When I gave Tucker the Hurley his eyes got huge so excited to rip something else up.All I heard coming from the floor was ripping and tearing horrible noises.I thought it was going to be a throw away.But I looked down and nothing not even a scratch mark on the toy.He loves it and now so do I.

- Anonymous -
Pgh, PA

Best Chew Toy Ever!


June 16, 2012

We have an 8 month old Border Collie mix who is a power chewer, loving but destroying stuffed animals, rope toys, etc. We bought her a chew toy (one of many) at a pet store and they promised it was tougher than a Kong. She ripped the ends off in less than 10 minutes.After searching the internet I ran across West Paw and saw the Hurley and ordered one. Well, 2 weeks later this is her favorite chew toy and there is not 1 mark on it. I'm not sure how you do it but it's wonderful. The toy is pliable which holds her interest for long periods of time.She loves to play fetch with it and other times she just peacefully chews. It's great for the dog and for us during this tough teething phase! We are customers for life.:)

- Mel Marshall -
Mesquite, Texas

The Hurley


May 22, 2012

My dog loves the Hurley, second only to her love for the Zisc. I actively searched for durable and safe dog toys and am so happy that I came across these products. They keep my dog entertained without me having to worry about her choking on something or eating something she shouldn't. We've had both products for over a month now and they're still going strong, despite her best efforts. I'd highly recommend both the Zisc and the Hurley.

- Jones Family -