Jive Dog Ball

Granny Smith
Aqua Blue
Extra Small$4.00$7.95

Measures 2"
for the strong, but super-small dogs

Extra Small

Measures 2.6"
(which is the size of a tennis ball)


Measures 3.25"
for the big and strong dogs


West Paw’s most durable dog ball yet. Jive® is the only ball dogs need—bright, bouncy, and buoyant. Combat slobber by flinging it with a standard ball-thrower, then toss it in the dishwasher. Just don’t toss it out—it’s recyclable.

Like all of our Zogoflex® dog toys, Jive® is Made in the USA, Certified Safe and Guaranteed to Last.

We dare dogs to destroy Zogoflex. (And if they do, we replace it—free.)

Zogoflex® packs a long lifespan. If for any reason it doesn’t, we offer a free one-time replacement.

Durability Rating

Ranking = 5; Perfect strength for tough chewers. These extremely durable dog toys were designed to satisfy serious chewers.

Zogoflex floats—making a splash for water-happy hounds.

For dogs who love to swim (or just need a distraction in the bathtub), Zogoflex® stays afloat. 

Tough Bouncing Dog Ball

On water or on land - the Jive dog ball is as tough as it is fun! Guaranteed tough and made in the USA.

Seeing is believing - these are tough dog toys!

When everyone claims to make ultra-tough dog toys, it is hard to know if a dog toy is really as tough as people advertise.  Well, watch for yourself and see why doggie daycares choose to use Zogoflex dog toys in their play rooms.

Easy clean-up: Zogoflex goes right into the dishwasher.

It’s easy to sanitize Zogoflex® at home—just pop it on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

Tough Fun.

Dog toys made from Zogoflex® material are the best of everything.  Really!  These toys are durable. They aren't rigid, so they are gentle on teeth. They float. They are eco-friendly. Most important, they are FUN!

Chew OR Play - Buying the right dog toy

Yeah, all Zogoflex dog toys are guaranteed, but not all were designed to be chew toys.  While some dogs love to chew, some love to chase - So, be sure to get the toy that bet fits your dog's style.  Need help?  You're in luck, we have a guide just for you!

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Customer Reviews

Jive is great for labs

November 11, 2013

We have a yellow lab who is an aggressive chewer. He tears up almost anything you put in front of him in short order. We have only found three dog toys that have (so far) stood the test of time. Two of those are West Paw products. Our Hurley lasted the longest so far at about three months of aggressive chewing before he was able to get the first piece out of it. He is still working on it after six months and it still has about two thirds of its original size. The jive ball is the second that has been unscathed now for about a month.

The only downside I have seen so far is finding a local store who stocks them. The big box pet stores seem to be tied up with the Kong products and cheap junk that falls apart in about an hour of use and some of the smaller ones haven't discovered West Paw yet. The price of the Jive and Hurley are very reasonable and when you consider total cost of ownership over the life of the toy they are a real bargain.

- Anonymous -


November 05, 2013

Bought this for our EXTREME puppy (german shepherd x black lab, he's a year and half old). We bought the large blue Hurley toy and the first day he had it in half and then down to the 2 nubs of each end (He still loves to have us throw those and chews on them like a soother lol). We bought him he Extreme Black Kong for super chewers and he had the first ring off the FIRST hour! (the rest of it survives to this day) and then tried this Blue ball Large size from West Paw and.... IT IS OFFICIALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!! Had this toy for months now and virtually no signs of wear or tear even outside for days on end and then inside too. LOVE this toy! Just don't let them drop it on your foot! >< ouch lol. Very happy so far with West paw toys and will be buying more for our puppy and our older dog's stockings this year! THANKS!

- Laruto -
British Columbia

Best ball ever!

October 31, 2013

The jive ball is the best ball ever for our energetic Labradoodle Midleton.

I bought 2 balls so he runs after one drops it and knows I will then throw the other ball.

I love the way the ball bounces and so does he. He trys to catch it midair.

Prior to purchasing his toys from West Paws he would have them destroyed in a matter of mins. Tennis balls were "toast" in no time.

I ran into a woman this Summer who had the Zisc and raved about it and mentioned the balls.

I am happy to say that Midleton owns the zisc, the hurley which he loves to chew on and play tug of war with and 3 balls (one for the car). The cost is more than what I would normally pay for a ball but I know that as long as we don't lose them they will be around for years to come.

Thank you for making such a great product!

- Suzette Kelleher -
Dedham, MA

Heavy duty ball, great for outdoor play

October 17, 2013

We've only had the ball a couple weeks, but at this point, I do not see how our puppy would be able to chew through it. He has completely chewed up/through anything and everything else we give him, from stuffed animals to soccer balls to beds. So this is an improvement.

The only reason that I would not rate this perfect, is because it really is an outdoor ball, which means he hasn't had as much time to sit and chew for hours and get some solid work in on it. This is because the ball is so heavy and hard, that we do not really like him playing with it in the house. It is too loud and dangerous. At this point, it is the perfect outside ball though, and we expect it to last much longer than anything else we've tried. Highly recommended, as long as you know what you are getting. Great job!!

- Anonymous -
Bend, Oregon

Too heavy.

October 14, 2013

Overall, I'm a little disappointed. It's a good ball, but I was REALLY excited for the "bounces erratically" feature, and it just doesn't. It bounces just like a regular ball, only it's really heavy. I think that may be why. It’s got too much heft and it’s momentum keeps it going whichever way I throw it. And the weight is a problem. I live in an apartment and I play ball with my pup in the house, and it can be a little hazardous throwing something around that heavy. I’m also a little worried for when he catches it and it’s going really fast. If he misses I think it could hurt him if it nails him in the face. It has happened once and he seemed okay. He didn’t even flinch but I’m sure it couldn’t have felt very good. It’s not a bad product, but I won’t be buying another one. I’d love to see them make a lighter one and for it to actually bounce erratically as advertised.

- Rebecca O. -
Irvine, CA

Lost the first one.

September 08, 2013

We bought the first ball while on vacation. Dre destroys his toys in minutes. We have to take it away from him as soon as we come in from playing fetch. We had walked into Top Paw and heard the testimonial next to the product. I heard the statement, "We have to take it away from him or he will destroy it" and you had my attention! We bought the ball and took it home to Dre. He LOVED IT! The ONLY problem was he lost it. I tried to find it in another pet store and they looked at me like I had two heads so I went on line and found it and ordered it immediately!! He is so cute when he sleeps with his ball still in his mouth. Oh, and by the way we found his other ball.

- Pam Shaw -
Olympia, Washington

Not Bad

August 22, 2013

I purchased a Jive dog ball and Hurley toy in June for my mixed breed rescue. Ruger is about 1 year old and loves to chew!!! So far, the only toys he doesn't destroy within 30 minutes have been the Kong toys and the Zogoflex toys. The red version of the Kong toys only lasted several days, the black (extreme) for several months. I would rate the Hurley somewhere in the middle. Ruger doesn't have too much interest in the Jive ball so far, so it would be unfair to rate it yet.

Bones, aka. the ball destroyer, endorses the jive ball.

August 01, 2013

Bones, a Jack Russell, my sons dog was bestowed the name "Devil Dog" within 30 seconds of entering our home. Jive is the first ball that has defied his efforts at destruction. The only reason we have replaced one is when it has been lost. When Bones gets tired of trying to eat the ball he destroys the nearest item close-by except for metal. Bones has broken all of his fangs,yet still thinks he will some day conquer the Jive.

- Wally Hoh -

Best Ball in the Dog Toy World

July 24, 2013

I bought the large orange Jive ball for my bedazzling dog Banga, a black pit-lab mix with kind eyes. Banga and the orange ball were inseparable from Day 1. One day, a [super smart and hot] girlfriend of mine took Banga and his orange ball to the dog park to play fetch. Due to a series of unfortunate events, my [stunning and supremely intelligent] girlfriend accidentally lost the ball, and Banga, despite his supposedly keen sense of smell, was unable to retrieve it. My [extremely witty and super cute] girlfriend was devastated. So devastated, in fact, that she shipped a brand new large-sized orange Jive ball to my house. As soon as Banga saw it, he grabbed it in his gigantic mouth and held onto it like his prodigal son had just returned. To this day, he carries it with him everywhere he goes, only letting go to play fetch or eat his food.

This ball is hard to chew through, bounces the right amount, and the perfect size for my pit-lab. It's truly the best ball out there, and I couldn't do any better. Same goes for my girlfriend.

- BrooklynBoris -

Great outdoor ball - indestructible

July 24, 2013

My portuguese water dog can tear apart even the toughest hard plastic toys, but can barely dent these. She loves playing fetch with them too. The orange and blue are easy to spot in tall grass as well.

They are great to throw around outside, but are pretty dense, so I don't play fetch with them inside out of fear of banging up my walls.

- Jamie -
United States