Zisc Flying Disc

Granny Smith
Aqua Blue

Measures 6.5"


Measures 8.5"


Take a dog frisbee, kick it up a few notches, and you’ve got the Zisc®. Ziscs are easy on canine jaws, but don’t skimp on durability. These fast-flying discs bounce, float, and clean up in the dishwasher.

Like all of our Zogoflex® dog toys, Zisc® is recyclable, Made in the USA, Certified Safe and Guaranteed to Last.

Big and Mini - Fetch for all dogs

Whether you have a big dog that loves playing fetch or a little guy, this frisbee shaped disc is the perfect fetch toy for big dogs and little.

Zisc - now available in GLOW!

Zisc Glow stretches fetch deep into the night, while still being completely doggie-safe, durable and recyclable.  Just put in a window or under a bright light for five minutes and you're good to glow.

Flying, Fetching, Fun.

Fetch for years with super-durable, perfect dog frisbee.  Go have fun! 

When the sun goes down, the fun comes up!

Watch the glowing fun in action!  Zisc glow is the durable, glowing dog frisbee.

Durability Rating

Ranking = 3; Perfect strength for medium chewers. These toys have been designed for interactive and supervised play. 

Tough Fun.

Dog toys made from Zogoflex® material are the best of everything.  Really!  These toys are durable. They aren't rigid, so they are gentle on teeth. They float. They are eco-friendly. Most important, they are FUN!

Chew OR Play - Buying the right dog toy

Yeah, all Zogoflex dog toys are guaranteed, but not all were designed to be chew toys.  While some dogs love to chew, some love to chase - So, be sure to get the toy that bet fits your dog's style.  Need help?  You're in luck, we have a guide just for you!

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Customer Reviews


August 18, 2014

I got the glow in the dark model. Best dog frisbee yet. My dogs destroy regular frisbees in a day and the Kong frisbee only lasted a few weeks. The fabric flying squirrel lasted for a while but ultimately became a chew toy. I've had this frisbee for a couple of weeks and it's holding up well. The dogs like it, but not enough to make it a chew toy which is perfect.

- Jim Bridgewater -
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Excellent Product, Excellent Customer Service

July 23, 2014

Our boys have gone through countless frisbees. Then we tried Ziscs. These discs withstand daily use by a two large dogs. From now on, that is all we'll buy. We also recommend them to our friends who have dogs. And, if you every need to invoke the West Paw guarantee, rest assured, the folks at West Paw quickly honor its terms and almost before your dog can miss his/her Zisc, a new one will arrive.

Thank you West Paw for a great product and for your outstanding customer service.

- Patricia Moss -
Johnstown, OH

The best so far - Zisc!

June 18, 2014

We have tried several toys and dog Frisbees that never lasted more than one or two outings with our beagle/hound mix until we got a Zisc. Our dog loves it and so do we. He eventually will tear it by playing tug after several months of use (he stands on it and pulls - his chewing does not seem to damage it much) before returning it for another toss... but the Zisc is very tough and West Paw honors the warranty no questions asked. Well worth the price and the fun our dog has playing with it.

- Scott R. -
Bloomington, IN

A pup's bet friend

June 15, 2014

My dog loves playing with frisbees, the only problem is that no frisbee has ever lasted more than 5 minutes under his scrutiny. His zisc has been the exception, it's lasted and become my pup's new favorite toy, and my favorite for quickly tiring him out. It glows, it floats, and it lasts, he has even learned to throw it for himself when he gets bored, which is awesome to watch. It's my dog's favorite thing in the world, and so is one of mine too.

Warning 1: Zisc flying disc toy also doubles as a dog-usable shovel under certain conditions. Unattended play seems to inevitably result in a dog running into the house with the rims nearly full of dirt. I swear that he is proud of his excavation work.

Warning 2: I wouldn't recommend using it in waves of any size. While it floats, it is easy for sand to get trapped in the rim to weigh it down and allow it to be swept away.

- Bobbie P -
Modesto, California

Her all time favorite toy!

June 02, 2014

Bought a Zisc Large for my gal while on vacation in San Fransisco sep 2014. It instantly became her favorite, and she's constantly wanting to play with it. It has proven durable and also floating (for water sports). Unfortunately it cracked in the seams somehow, and she managed to rip the center piece out, leaving us with a ring. This was however after daily use for 6 months by a staffordshire bull terrier, so I'm still recommending it if you're in doubt - worth it! The ring is still usable, so we're not devastated yet. I sent an email asking WPD to send me a new one since they don't ship here from their online store (of course I intended to pay for it), and they responded within a day. Now a new one is in the mail! Extremely pleased!

- Ingeborg -

Has made it through 3 dogs and 2 winters

May 22, 2014

We have had our Zisk for YEARS! It has made it through a champion chewer Corgi, a 70lbs Golden Lab mix, and a Kong Destroying French Pitbull mix. Currently, our Pit and Lab use this as a tug-o-war/keep-away toy. We played with this in freezing cold temps last winter, no damage. We left it outside ALL winter, no damage. Last night, our pit chewed through two Kong toys in a matter of an hour. I am going to pick up the S-shaped toy later today. I hope the results are as good as this product.

- Matt Rehnelt -
Minneapolis, MN

Zisc's are the best!!!

March 23, 2014

I love the Zisc, although they are not indestructible, they are pretty darn close! I have two large dogs with strong jaws and sharp teeth that can destroy just about anything. But the Zisc has proven to be the best and their favorite toy. They play with the Zisc's every single day. Over the last year and a half I've purchased four Zisc's (long story) and out of the four only one did get ripped apart, not sure how, I found it out in the lawn. (I didn't realize there was a return policy or I wouldn't have thrown it out.) Anyway, the other three are holding up quite well, we have had them for over a year and just recently notice that two of them are starting to get tiny tears. I would recommend this product to every dog owner.

- Karen Sheldon -
Fairview, PA

Great product, dogs love it

March 05, 2014

Great product, dogs love it and cannot easily destroy it. Two big dogs with huge teeth play tug of war every day and still no damage. Just don't leave the toy alone with your dog and it will last.

- Anonymous

Yes it works

March 02, 2014

Solid frisbee and for those reading about aerodynamics bring poor I am sure as long as you are not in a fisbee golf league this will work great for you! I have a German Shepard/Lab mix who cannot get enough of playing with the Zisc. Stong and durable, lasted me at least a year and she is a tough customer. Glow in the dark frisbee also works great, stays lit for a good 30 minutes after a few minutes under a light source.

- Anonymous

Best dog products ever!

February 13, 2014

My 8 month old Retriever/Pointer mix puppy can destroy most toys in minutes, if not seconds. Your products are the best I've found by a long shot. We played in the snow for hours this morning with the Zisc.