Images for Download

Download images from the links below.
NOTE: For any lifestyle photography needs we have a limited number of images available for use, please email to request an image(s) and we’ll send you what you need.

Zogoflex® Dog Toys:
Our recyclable, super durable, and extremely pliable material that is guaranteed to last!
Download Zip 34 MB
Zogoflex Air™ Dog Toys:
Zogoflex Air™ is West Paw Design's newest squishiest collection of durable play toys for active dogs.
Download Zip 9 MB

Product Photos with Animals:
Pictures of our products with dogs (and a few cats). We don't have pictures of animals with every one of our products, but we do have a few to share with you.
Download Zip 11 MB

West Paw Design Logos:
This download has various options of our West Paw Design Logos in black and brown. Formats of jpg, gif, eps, and png included. Take your pick!
Download Zip 3 MB