B Corp Certified

What’s a B Corp? We’re among the companies that aim for a more balanced “triple bottom line”—measuring our success not just by profit, but how we treat our people and planet. Certified by the non-profit B Lab, B Corps hold an above-and-beyond commitment to healthier employees, sustainable practices, transparency and accountability. Our B Corp status was earned for a variety of reasons—highlights include: 

  • Handcrafting 100% of our products in the USA
  • Manufacturing completely safe products: BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant 
  • Relying on eco-friendly materials
  • Hosting a Join the Loop® toy recycling program
  • Working from an environmentally conscious office building
  • Offering generous wages and benefits (including flexible schedules) for employees


Why West Paw Design is leading the way in Pet Manufacturing

West Paw envisions a world where business success is friendly to people and the planet.   We seek to be a transformative business leader that unleashes our people's greatest talents to create amazing pet products.  We believe that business can be a force of positive change in our world starting with the communities and people we serve.  We support this movement and hope that you'll join us on this journey.