Why Bozeman?

Located in Southwestern Montana, this outdoorsy, well-educated Rocky Mountain town helps us attract (and keep) the exceptionally talented employees that make West Paw Design thrive. We’ve sought employees who share our values—tight communities and wide open spaces. Bozeman’s a natural fit for all of us—a town with a solid, forward-thinking community; a staggering number of recreational opportunities; and a commitment to sustainable growth and land conservation. 

(Need proof? Bozeman’s home to three major ski resorts, Yellowstone’s in our backyard, and the town just voted to tax itself in support of a local trails bond.) 

We choose to stay headquartered in Bozeman because it gives our employees and their families a healthy place to grow—but also because it’s where we’ve put down our roots. We’re thrilled to be a longtime contributing part of this community’s fabric—after all, Bozeman has supported us since 1996.