Hemp is gentle on the environment, starting with how it’s farmed. Hemp naturally repels weeds (while growing like one), requiring no irrigation, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which helps reduce water pollution and soil contamination. Hand-harvested and processed, hemp cuts down on waste from industrial farming machines. And, you can pack a lot of hemp onto a small plot of land—hemp grows twice as much fiber as cotton per acre. Hemp plants even enrich the soil, controlling erosion and creating good topsoil for years of crop growth. 

But hemp’s eco-cred doesn’t stop at the farm. Once spun into a linen-like fabric, hemp becomes one of nature’s strongest fabrics, helping create durable beds and toys that last—reducing their environmental impact since they don’t have to be replaced as often. Thanks to its naturally rounded fiber, hemp fabric actually gets softer and softer with every wash—giving you one more reason to hang onto hemp for as long as possible. 

Hemp Dog Toys

Hemp is sustainably grown, naturally odor-resistant, and durable—which makes it the ideal fabric to make dog toys from.

Tuckered Out Bed with Hemp

Our classic Tuckered Out® Bed gets a luxurious yet earth-friendly update from classy, odor-repelling hemp.

Bumper Bed with Hemp

Brushed, extra soft and linen-like hemp still has a tough side, battling odors and microbes naturally.