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Posted August 03, 2006

West Paw Donates to the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary was founded in December 2000 in the Blackfoot Valley of western Montana. The Sanctuary sits on 160 acres of rangeland and is home to over 70 animals: 33 Dogs, 27 Horses and 13 Cats. The remarkable thing about this Sanctuary is that all the animals are disabled, in body, not spirit. These are the animals who are the least likely to be adopted and the most likely to be euthanized in traditional shelters. The ranch gives them a second chance at life and happiness.

Since the ranch is supported entirly by private contributions West Paw Design makes sure that the Sanctuary receives an annual shipment of donations from our manufacturing warehouse in Bozeman, Montana. The donations consist of the seconds of our toys and beds and are welcomed by the Sanctuary, not only for the extra bedding but for the joy it brings the animals in their care. Following is an excerpt from the Rolling Dog Ranch's blog entry posted July 30, 2006 showing the enthusiastic response of Blind Widget to the donation delivery.

"Our friends at West Paw Design in Bozeman, Montana, make some of the finest pet beds anywhere, along with unique dog and cat toys. (All made in Montana, by the way.) About once a year they kindly send us some donated goodies, and the bed you see in this photo was in the box that just arrived.

Widget, of course, fancies herself as a world-class 'bed tester' (who better than someone who can sleep 18 hours a day?), and while she's grateful for the annual shipment from West Paw, she's peeved the company has never put her on the payroll as an official tester.

That doesn't stop her from testing every bed in the box anyway. I know -- and you know -- Widget looks a little ridiculous in this photo ... the bed's a bit too small, the dog's a bit too plump ... but she thought the bed was just divine.

Our favorite West Paw dog beds are their Nature Nap beds in the large or extra-large size. These fit perfectly on both the Kuranda cots our dogs use during the day and also in the crates they sleep in at night. Plus they're durable, comfortable and easily washable.

Widget prefers something much more plush, pillowy and expensive like the Bumper Bed she's testing. (Well, of course she does!) She's just hoping that next time they'll send ... um ... a larger one."

All donations are welcome and appreciated and are tax deductible.

Steve Smith

Ovando, MT

Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary
Widget testing Bumper Beds Widget ready to be adopted

Um...Widget, you're a little too big!


Widget at the Sanctuary in Orvado, Montana.

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