Grandma knows what is best for grand-kitty cat Buffy!

New organic Kitty Catnip toys gain Vet’s Approval Grandma spoils grand-kitty cat Buffy with organic catnip!

When it comes to spoiling grandkids with treats and love, Grandma knows best! This theory holds true for human grandkids as well as "kitty" grandkids!

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Zogoflex toys are a hit at Paws on the Run Pet Services

Paws on the Run Pet Services get Zogoflex toys Meet some of the personalities from the doggy daycare, Paws on the Run Pet Services.
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A Lab tries to fit in a Cairn Terrier's Bed

Handcrafted Bumper Dog Bed Gets 8 Paws Up This is no Princess and the Pea tail The comfort of Tibbets’ luxurious bumper dog bed proves irresistible for big sister Blue in Coplay, PA.

Blue, a 12-year-old Lab, and Tibbets, a 3-year-old Cairn Terrier, share everything. About a month ago their adoring human, Nicole, got Tibbets his very own West Paw Design luxury dog pillow bed for his 3rd birthday.

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Barley receives a Big Sky Blanket as a gift and falls in love

Barley, a GoldenDoodle, falls in love with a Blanket? YEP! After receiving a Big Sky Blanket as a gift from his human Aunt, Barley fell in love and takes the blanket everywhere.

Barley, a 15 month old GoldenDoodle is from Amherst, NY received a Big Sky Blanket from his human Aunt just before Christmas. Barley loves the Blanket so much that he drags it around with him everywhere - just like Linus on Peanuts.

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