Four-Legged Fans

Boston Terrier basks in luck and comfort!

Meet Buster, a two and a half year old Boston Terrier.

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Dorrie & Theo play with the Bumi

We were happy to get a fun little video from Dorrie and Theo playing with our newest Zogoflex toy, called the

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Yoko loves getting IN Organic Bumper Beds - one's not enough!

Little Yoko from the Bay Area in California melted our hearts with this picture and letter: 

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Sterling chooses Nature Nap Oval Cat Bed above all others

Sterling prefers West Paw Design beds over the competition’s....

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AdventuRest Dog Mats make wonderful beds for Older Dogs.

Abby Louise is a 12 year old Retriever Mix who suffers from arthritis and old bones.

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George Woodrow Kipu Culbertson is one handsome Basset Hound...and yes, he’s a model too!

George loves his super comfortable, new dog bed! Thank goodness it is a big bed, because it looks like George isn't the only one who likes the new bed...


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A Cat Napper's Dream Come True

Eco Nap is purrrfect!

Hello Everyone, my name is Snowflake and I live in New York. I just want you to know up front that I am usually not in the business of giving reviews because nothing really satisfies my finicky nature. However, my favorite human, Sara, bought me the most comfortable bed a few months back that I just had to speak up.

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Bella draws a crowd with her favorite Zisc toy!

Bella jumping for joy over her Zisc!

Bella is a flying Rottweiler/Irish Setter mix from Grand Rapids, Michigan that loves to fetch! Her favorite toy is the Zisc. This 2 year old, 75 pound machine is so impressive to watch fly through the air that she actually stops traffic! When people come over, the first thing they want to see is the Zisc®. They actually have people line up to be the next to throw!

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Alfred stays happy and healthy with Zisc

Epileptic dog keeps happy and healthy with Zisc dog toy! The Zisc dog frisbee keeps Alfred happy AND healthy in Terrebonne, Québec , Canada.
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Hurley withstands ferocious chewing English Bagel - Bulldog

We aren't talking about English Muffins - Bagel is an English Bulldog! Bagel is a ferocious chewer - But Hurley lives up to the hype!

Bagel is a two year old English Bulldog from Windham, Maine and his favorite toy is his Hurley®!

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