Tough plush dog toys - strong enough for terriers

Meet two terriers that play tough and rest in comfort.  

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Dog bed brings ultra comfort to two German pooches

German dogs sniff out comfort with the super comfy, eco-friendly dog bed called the Eco Drop.  

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Cat Bed Big Enough for Two

Meet Elliot and Emmett - two orange cats from Issaquah, Washington that have good taste in

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Eco Nap is the preferred resting spot for this traveling cat

Meet Elsie, a short haired tabby cat with a whole lotta attitude.

While we don't know all of Elsie's history, we do know that this cute cat has traveled quite a lot, has had some tough days in her past and now loves to rest on her comfortable cat mat.  Currently, Elsie lives in Bishop, CA with some lovely humans in complete cat comfort.  

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