The Hand Sewn Difference

Posted February 20, 2014

To us, it’s simple: Our hard work, attention to detail and passionate do-goodery show in our products. That’s why West Paw Design is proud to employ a team of devoted pet toy makers who lovingly handcraft high-quality, safe and environmentally responsible fabric pet toys for your customers. While making pet toys is fun, it’s no easy task. Did you know it takes 9 steps and 10 to 12 minutes to create just one of our fabric dog and cat toys? (To put this in perspective, Starbucks can make 20 $4 lattes in the same time.)

When your customers interact with our hand-sewn toys, everything from the materials to the hangtags to the very mood of your store contributes to this understanding. But they aren’t likely to stop and think about what it takes to hand sew these wonderful toys. And while they may be drawn to the “Handmade in the USA” message our lines carry, they may not know how far that goes. In fact, we design, produce and support 98 percent of our products under one roof in Bozeman, Montana — from raw material to customer service and from new toy design to shipping, it all happens here, giving us total control over the quality of our products.

In case you get questions or have the opportunity to talk with one or more of your customers, here’s how a West Paw Design toy is made (and be sure to scroll down to see our awesome employees in action!):

 1.) Gail cuts two strips of fabric.

Gail cuts two strips of fabric

2.) Karen sews the toy’s pattern.

Karen sews toy's pattern

3.) Karen then cuts out the toy’s shape.

Karen cuts out the toys shape

4.) Libby turns it right-side out.

Libby turns it right-side out

5.) Libby then inserts a hang tag,

Libby inserts a tag

6.) stuffs the toy with IntelliLoft® and a squeaker,

Stuffs with IntelliLoft® and a squeaker

7.) accessorizes it,

Accessorizes it

8.) and adds the product description tag.

Adds a product description tag

9.) Finally, Erica closes the toy.

Erica closes the toy

That means multiple sets of hands touch each toy before it’s shipped to stores — what an amazing form of quality control! True, it’s a lot of work, but we take pride in hand-sewing each patch, eyeball, ear and nose. We use non-toxic and, when possible, eco-friendly fabrics like hemp — always keeping a pet’s safety in mind while respecting Mother Earth. Hand sewn also means the toy is more durable. And a longer-lasting toy means more money in the consumer’s pocket and more fun for pets and their parents.

What do you observe when your customers interact with our products? We love hearing from you!

Paws up!

The WPD Team



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