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Catnip: The Truth About This Mysterious Mint


How and why this special herb drives your kitty crazy (hint: it’s not a drug!) If you have a cat, you’ve no doubt heard of catnip and the effects it can have on feline behavior. You may be wondering whether it’s safe to give your cat catnip, whether it may be addictive, and whether it’s worth having your home turned upside down!


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Catnip Toys: Washing Dos and Don’ts


After tons of play, don’t throw it away! Catnip toys can be washed, and still keep their frisky appeal You love to watch your cat play with his new catnip toys, but what do you do when those toys have been scratched and bitten and dragged around the house more times than you can count? Don’t be so fast to the trash! Your catnip toys can be washed in the washing machine and come back almost as good as new!


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Dog Squeak Toys: Tips for Getting the Optimum Life Out of Your Dog’s Favorites

Suggestions for keeping toys like new, and ideas for taking overused toys away

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Learn more about IntelliLoft - recycled fiber fill

What is IntelliLoft? How do you make recycled plastic bottles into fabric and fiber fill that is so soft?
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