Li'l Plush Toy Collection for Dogs and Cats

Introducing Our Li’l Toy Collection

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Ten Dog Breeds That Love to Show Affection

We've all heard that owning a dog is good for you...

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2014 Company and Product Awards

West Paw Design's team of 80 + employees put a lot of love and pride into the work they do.
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About West Paw Design

Learn More About the West Paw Design Difference ...

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20 Pet Presents for Under $20


- American Made, Handcrafted Toys for Dogs and Cats - 

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West Paw Design Awarded by B Lab

West Paw Design Acknowledged for Building the Movement!

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West Paw Design Partners with Morris Animal Foundation

West Paw Design Partners with Morris Animal Foundation to Help Raise Funds and Awareness for Animal Health Studies

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How to Pick the Perfect Pet Bed

Finding the perfect place for your pup to lay his head can be confusing (flat mat or bumpers?).

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We Just Went A Little Over the Toppl®

Sometimes, it's worth looking a treat-keeping toy in the eye and thinking, how can we make this better?  

In this case, we think we went a little over the Toppl® . . .

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We Make the Best Pet Beds, Guaranteed!

When Amy is working on one of the 12 steps that go into making West Paw Design's best-selling,

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Planet-Friendly Packaging!

Planet-Friendly Packaging for Pet Products!

Every now and then you need to show off what you got! And in this case, it's our new package(ing)!

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West Paw Design Videos

Fun videos by West Paw Design - get some popcorn and dog treats and enjoy with your favorite buddy!

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