Bumi is perfect for tugging and shaking

Būmi is Perfect Dog Toy for Labs that like to Tug!

We all know Labs love to fetch dog balls, but apparently they love to chew and play tug-of-war, too!

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Būmi is a tuggable and tough chew toy just ask Sky and Rocco

Būmi is great for pulling and tugging

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New Soft and Strong Heyday Bed® with Microsuede®

Introducing the HEYDAY BED® with MICROSUEDE® from West Paw Design

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Rowdy Rooster - West Paw Design's Feistiest Dog Toy Yet

Look Who’s Ruling the Roost!!

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Black Hurley® West Paw Design's Greenest Dog Toy Yet

Introducing West Paw Design’s GREENEST Dog Toy of All - the Black Hurley!

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Eco-friendly Hemp Beds from West Paw Design


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Coastal Living magazine knows dogs really want Red Zisc® frisbee

This holiday, don’t forget your pet! Even the editors at Coastal Living know what dogs want! Zisc, West Paw Design’s high flying, floatable flyer in red is durable, bendable and can easily be stuffed inside stockings!

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Hardworking Goldendoodle rewarded with Hurley dog toy

Lewis is a Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle mix, most commonly known as a Goldendoodle. Himself, his brother Jack, and his sister Zoe all joined my family (and extended family) this past May. Lewis lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and goes to work at a vineyard with me everyday. (The others live in Minnesota and South Dakota, and both got gifted a Hurley at our last reunion!)

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Another great dog bed review: attractive, durable, washable, and eco-friendly!

Lily Mae is a four year old Labrador Retriever from Colorado Springs that recently got a new step sister, who is sort of a bed hog. But you can't blame her new sister for having good taste in dog beds... and when you are 120 pound Alaska Malamute, you're bound to take up a log of space!

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Dog toys that are tougher than a Bullitt

Some dog breeds have a reputaion for being tough on their dog toys.  However, many times it just comes down to the individual dog - regardless of the breed.  Who knows why some dogs love to chew so much?  But who are we to judge what's fun or not fun!?  

Bullitt is the perfect example of an unexpected tough chewer.  Bill and Lisa (Bullitt's parents) explain:

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Local pets are warm and comfy!


Meet Cabo & Emmy. Cabo is a six and a half year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Emmy is a very safisticated Domestic Shorthair that is twice Cabo's age. This pup and feline are both huge fans of West Paw Design.

These Nature Nap flat mats are long-lasting, easy to wash (over and over) and best of all "Cabo and Emmy both love this bed! They say it's warm and comfy."

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