Planet-Friendly Packaging!

Posted August 04, 2014

Planet-Friendly Packaging for Pet Products!

Every now and then you need to show off what you got! And in this case, it's our new package(ing)!

We've freshened up the look to make it match (we were sporting a couple of different designs). But what you might not see is that it's more eco-friendly then ever (the paper has been forested responsibly and the ink is even biodegradable)!  In our never-ending commitment to do good by the planet, we've implemented the following eco-friendly elements into the design:  

Our Bed and Toy Tags are . . .

  • Made from 100% Post Consumer Waste. (Now that’s green!)
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, ensuring the paper we use meets the mark of responsible forestry
  • Green-e Certified, ensuring the paper is made with 100% renewable green electricity
  • Green Seal Certified, ensuring a reduction in carbon emissions plus a commitment to conserve the environment
  • Recyclable
  • Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)

What About the Ink?

  • We use one of the most sustainable coating options available 
  • Formulas are nontoxic and can be recycled in standard municipal systems without emitting  harmful byproducts
  • The Cleanup doesn't require toxic cleaning detergents nor does is necessitate high temperatures (e.g. added energy) for dying
  • Abrasion and rub resistant

Our Toppl®, Jive® and Tux® . . .

  • Now use "Pillow Packing" to eliminate the need for plastic sleeves to attach the toy to the packaging
  • Wait!  What's a Toppl?

But that's Not All!  Hurley®, Tizzi® and Bumi® . . .

  • Use recycled and recyclable Zip-Ties to attach the toys to the packaging eliminating the need for plastic sleeves.  (Even the clippings from the excess zip-ties are returned to be recycled. Now that’s taking our commitment to the earth seriously)!

So go ahead and check out our new package(ing), you know you want to!

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