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The Zen of Puppy Teething

You may read this title and think, “There is no Zen for the parent of a teething puppy!” True, a teething puppy requires extra supervision and care, but with the right precautions you and your pet can survive the “terrible tooths” with less stress.

A puppy, like a human, will get two sets of teeth during his lifetime. By the time he’s around four months old, a puppy will have 28 deciduous teeth or “puppy teeth.” He’ll have a whopping 42 permanent or “adult” teeth by the time he’s around six or seven months old.

Puppies Are Companions, Not Commodities: Why Adoption is the Best Choice

Thinking of getting a frisky young dog on this National Puppy Day? Consider visiting an animal shelter or rescue organization. By adopting a puppy from a shelter or rescue, you’ll avoid supporting commercial puppy breeding facilities—sometimes referred to as puppy mills or “backyard breeders”—that breed dogs for profit.   Need another reason to adopt?  Check out our "5 Smart Reasons to Adopt A Puppy" infographic.  Better yet, help us celebrate National Puppy Day and share this infographic with your friends.

Keeping Your Vehicle Clean This Spring: Tips for Dog Owners

For those of us who live in regions with four distinct seasons, spring’s ample sunshine, welcomed warmer temperatures, and budding trees often come with an ample dose of mud. Rain showers and snowmelt transform the soil into a mucky, messy sludge to which dogs seem helplessly, happily magnetized. Springtime excursions with your favorite canine can be as muddy as they are fun, and, when it’s time to go home, some of that mud is inevitably—though innocently—carried by paws and fur back into your vehicle. The pooch doesn’t mean to make a mess, but still, the constant cleanup is a hassle.

Want a Hair-Free Home? Consider Cat and Dog Breeds with Minimal Shedding

Do you wonder if adding another pet to your family will result in a house that’s full of the hair shed by your four-legged friend? If you’ll walk around with an undesired layer of Fido or Fuzzy’s fur on all your favorite clothes? Or make a new hobby out of vacuuming? Fear not!

Some dog and cat breeds are known for being minimal shedders, or for not shedding at all, which can make your annual spring cleaning a much simpler endeavor. Here are some low- or no-shedding dogs and cats to consider:

Ten Dog Breeds That Love to Show Affection

We've all heard that owning a dog is good for you... According to the website, Psychology Today, dogs are known to increase your quality of life as well as your longevity.  Pet owners typically have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol than non-pet-owners! If you don't already own a dog, here are some breeds to check out if you love dog snuggles and cuddles...  

Paw Flops - Introducing Flip-Flops for Dogs

Introducing our newest product:  Paw Flops!

Flip-flop for dogs?!  Really?  No, not really.  


Wishing you and your favorite furry trickster a day fool of smiles! 

With all the demands in your day, we wanted to give you an excuse to take a break and smile a little.

Glow in the Dark Zisc dog frisbee Video

Have fun without the sun! Glow-in-the-dark Zisc will let you and your dog play fetch after dark.

Chew vs. Play - Choose the right dog toy

Every dog is different, so when it comes to choosing the right dog toy for your dog, you need to consider your dog’s personality and habits.  You also need to consider how you plan to use the dog toy with your dog.

Tough dog frisbee - read the reviews

Zisc is a super strong dog frisbee toy that holds up fetch after fetch... even with those aggressively tough fetching dogs.  The Zisc dog frisbee is made from a super durable material called Zogoflex®.  Unlike other tough dog toys, the Zisc is actually pliable, soft and even floats.  Zisc flies great and even though it is durable, it is still gentle on dogs' mouths, but don't take our word for it - read our customers' reviews:


Stuff Dog People Say (Video)

After seeing numerous videos on "Stuff People say"... we decided to make our own "DOG version" (you may be more familiar with the other name "Sh*t Dog People Say" - but we're trying to keep it PG).  We absolutely had a blast thinking of all the things that Dog lovers say. We headed out to a few of our favorite local dog parks, and searched for some volunteers to help with the video.  Despite the snowy weather, we found many friendly faces (dogs and human) that were more than happy to help with the making of our video.