Fun articles and tips by West Paw Design.

This dog ball is better than a Tennis Ball

There are many reasons why the Boz™ ball is better than a tennis ball for dogs.  Boz is a tough dog ball that won't easily break like a tennis ball.

Activities to Do With Your Dog in Cold Weather

It's cold outside, we get it! Have we mentioned we're based in Montana? But no matter if the sun is shining or it's snowing or sleeting, we still need to take our dogs out for some exercise. Whether we're up and at it before we make the Bumi's or after we've sewn up the Salsa's, we are committed to doing right by our dogs.

Healthy Dog Snacks

Let's face it, a lot of dogs (okay, us too) need a little inspiration to get back in shape after some serious celebrations. Exercising with our pets is a great way to keep bulging bellies away, but what we eat is just as important. Below is a list of nutritious, safe and low-fat dog treats to stuff inside Toppl®, Tux® and Tizzi® to keep them active, engaged and healthy. 
YES, fill up toys with these healthy dog treats:

The Results Are In...

The results are in and HORRAY to the team at West Paw Design! We have competed our second assessment with B Lab and West Paw Design is pleased to announce we achieved a score this year of 98!!! This is an increase from 95 for our last assessment in 2013. How? We've continued to lessen our environmental impact and became Montana's first Benefit Corporation. 

A Smorgasbord of Options - Dog Treat Ideas & Suggestions

Picky pup? No problem.  Create your own unique combination of Toppl tastiness by wedging a tempting treat of your chooing into the dog toy's center.  Since Toppl® cleans up easily in the dishwasher, you can dole out different snacks morning, noon, and night.  Customizable Toppl makes it possible to please even the most persnickety of pooches.

What Happens When Shelter Dogs are Unmanageable as Family Pets?

Fewer Than 1 In 1,000 Dogs Have What It Takes...

During the month of April we have partnered with our friends at Working Dogs for Conservation. Find out how you too can help these doggy superheroes...

New at West Paw Design: Delivery by Drones

Get your products faster with our state-of-the-art fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles!

The days of barking at the mailman are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and West Paw Design is embracing the change. Like robotic storks carrying precious cargo, our high-tech drones maneuver through the skies on missions from our Montana headquarters to deliver your order right to your door. They do it so quietly and swiftly you won’t even know it has happened until you discover a box full of WPD treasures waiting to be unpacked.

Shop Our New Line of Wigs and Toupees for Dogs and Cats

Studies have shown that hair is the feature we notice first when we meet someone new, whether they have two legs or four. Make sure your dog or cat is feeling 100% confident about this most important physical characteristic. Provide your pet with a comfortable, non-toxic, earth-friendly hairpiece from West Paw Design’s new line of wigs and toupees.

The Zen of Puppy Teething

You may read this title and think, “There is no Zen for the parent of a teething puppy!” True, a teething puppy requires extra supervision and care, but with the right precautions you and your pet can survive the “terrible tooths” with less stress.

A puppy, like a human, will get two sets of teeth during his lifetime. By the time he’s around four months old, a puppy will have 28 deciduous teeth or “puppy teeth.” He’ll have a whopping 42 permanent or “adult” teeth by the time he’s around six or seven months old.