Cat Beds

Cozy beds and blankets for finicky felines

Bumper Bed®

Original and inviting, Bumper Beds® cradle cats in comfort—while complementing your décor.

Heyday Bed® for Cat

For cool cats who prefer décor-flattering patterns, stain-proof softness, and intense durability.

Cat Mat

Give your cat a soft place to doze—on our low-profile, plushly-padded mats in fleecy, cozy fabrics.

West Paw Pillow Bed for Cat

Perfect for those cats who prefer their Bumper Bed® without the Bumper.

West Paw Pillow Bed with Hemp for Cats

Our New West Paw Pillow Bed with Hemp is naturally odor resistant for purr-fect cat naps!

Tuckered Out® Bed

Perfect for cats who like to cuddle up to a bolster, then bolt back into the action.

The Best Nesters

These beds are built for cats that like supportive headrests and something to snuggle into—like our signature Bumper Bed® and slimmed down, easy-to-clean Heyday Bed®.

For Weary Old Bones

Tuckered Out® Beds are built for cats who crave support and room to stretch out—and the easy flat entry makes them especially good for older, injured, or just-plain-pooped cats.

For Planet-Friendly Pusses

Each of our beds comes in an Earth-friendly option—like our luxurious Bumper Bed® in Organic Cotton or Hemp, and Eco Nap®, covered in fuzzy fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.

Minimalist Mats

For cats who fancy something not too fancy, our Nature Nap®, Eco Nap®, and Heyday Bed® offer soft, washable fabrics in lightweight, low profile designs.