Dog Beds & Mats

Stylish, comfortable and made in the USA.

Dog Beds

Dog Beds mean dogs always have a place to lay their heads—on top-shelf durable fabrics and Earth-friendly IntelliLoft® stuffing.

Dog Mats

Made for all the places where you want to take your pet—but not an entire dog bed. These low-profile nappers instantly transform offices, crates, and cars into zen spaces for dogs to snooze.


Our fleecy throw cozies up couches, beds, and backseats, while shielding them from fur and drool (and looks brand new, no matter how many times you wash it).

The Best Nesters

Our signature Bumper Bed® and slimmed down, easy-to-clean Heyday® Bed are built for dogs that like supportive headrests and something to snuggle into.

For Tired Old Bones

Tuckered Out® Beds are built for dogs who crave support and room to sprawl—and the easy flat entry makes them especially good for older, injured, or just-plain-pooped dogs.

For Planet-friendly Pups

Each of our beds comes in an Earth-friendly option—like our luxurious our Bumper Bed® in Organic Cotton or Hemp, or Eco Nap®, covered in fuzzy fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.

Nappers on the Go

Designed for dogs who love to be part of the action (but then sleep through it), Dog Mats and Heyday Beds offer lower-profile crash pads that fit in crates, cars, offices, and everywhere else.