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Made in America, with the Planet in Mind and Pets at Heart.™

TOYS AND BEDS MADE IN MONTANA (so you know they’re tough):

We Make the Best Pet Beds, Guaranteed!

When Amy is working on one of the 12 steps that go into making West Paw Design's best-selling, Tuckered Out® pet bed, her dog, Buddy comes to mind. The Tuckered Out bed is his favorite and just by thinking about how cute he looks snuggled up in it, makes her enjoy making the bed even more…

Planet-friendly production: Earning your trust

From constructing our eco-friendly, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility here in Bozeman, Montana, to creating near-zero-waste dog and cat toys, West Paw Design takes our commitment to the environment very seriously.

Welcome to The Scoop!

Welcome to West Paw Design’s new blog, The Scoop! If this blog were a superhero movie trilogy, the first entry would be the creation story. And that works perfectly, since we want to talk about why we created this blog. It’s for you, our heroes.

The Hand Sewn Difference

To us, it’s simple: Our hard work, attention to detail and passionate do-goodery show in our products. That’s why West Paw Design is proud to employ a team of devoted pet toy makers who lovingly handcraft high-quality, safe and environmentally responsible fabric pet toys for your customers. While making pet toys is fun, it’s no easy task. Did you know it takes 9 steps and 10 to 12 minutes to create just one of our fabric dog and cat toys? (To put this in perspective, Starbucks can make 20 $4 lattes in the same time.)

Inc. Magazine interviews West Paw Design - On our "Strategy" to unleash our employees creativity.

We were so flattered to have one of our most favorite magazines (Inc. Magazine!!!) write about West Paw Design! Inc. Magazine was impressed by our fun, creative, and wacky toys... but they were even more interested in how we leverage all of our employees ideas and knowledge from all departments to bring great products to market.

There was even one of our silly prototypes shown in the table of contents on page four of the magazine. 

Made in the USA - Toys and Beds for dogs and cats

"Who made it?"

Remember when Mom came to pick you up from school and you got to show her the wall with all the colored sheets of paper?  You were so delighted to point out your work!  You took the time to stay within the lines and you put your heart into making the shading perfect. You proudly announced, “I made this one!”  Well, all these years later we still take that same pride in our work.


World-class pet toys and beds made in the USA

We are often asked, "Why does West Paw Design choose to manufacture pet products in the USA?" This is a question I enjoy answering, because all of us at West Paw Design share a passion for what we do!

Learn more about how West Paw Design is Eco Friendly and green

How is West Paw Design Eco Friendly?!?

Find out here - what makes West Paw Design environmentally friendly and how is West Paw continuing to grow green!

Want to learn more about what makes West Paw Design eco friendly? Well, you are at the right place!

At West Paw Design, we believe in making a commitment to the environment!

Here's how:

Our Commitment to the Environment

West Paw Design's Sustainable Manufacturing.

At West Paw Design we believe in providing the best for your pet while balancing what is right for our environment. We search high and low for the best, most sustainable material there is to offer - we use recyclable and organic material in our bedding and toys.